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I don’t know why but I have always loved looking at photographs. Photographs in magazine. Photographs in books. Our family albums. They have always captured my imagination.

Those photos even at an early age were able to transport me to a place or time far away.

We are the sum total of all that we experience. We draw upon our past to help us with the present and into the future.

Analogies can sometimes make an idea more obvious than it might otherwise be. Here’s my analogy. Imagine if you are four years old and have a pack of crayons and sheets of blank paper but lived inside a house with no windows and never saw the outside world. What would you be drawing with the crayons?

Contrast that with a child that lives in the real world and  have seen all manner of art in magazines, museums, etc.

The second child is more able to draw upon their experiences to use their imaginations to draw.

Photography is like that. Even after having spent my life as a photographer and designer I still learn by browsing hundreds and thousands of photos each year. For every photograph you see you immediately like or dislike it. You don’t spend any time thinking about why you dislike this one but quickly go onto the next one.

What you are doing is formulating your style. You are learning what light, colours and composition together make an image positive in your eyes. There is no right or wrong to this. You have spent your life being influenced by all that you see around you. Your experience is different than mine is different than everyone else in the world.

After all these years there are times when I look at a photograph and think to myself, why haven’t I done that before and one day in the future that will be in my repertoire of things to do. It isn’t copying. It’s learning. Its learning because you are applying what you learned and applying it in your unique way.

Happy shooting,


~ by Dan Jurak on November 13, 2018.

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