A Morning To Remember

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We’ve been having some great weather here in central Alberta for the past few days. Great to be at the lake or on the beach but not very good for photography.

The days have been cloudless and hot. Where I live on Friday we set an all time record high of 34.5 Celsius. For those in the American southwest that isn’t much but up here where it can be -34 Celsius in the winter months that is hottttttt.

Saturday and Sunday it poured. It rained heavily on Sunday and the forecast for Monday was clear and sunny again.

My first thought was… FOG!!! Anytime there is high humidity (from the weekend) and clearing morning skies, if the wind is light or non-existent, fog is almost guaranteed.

With that I set my radio alarm for 4:30 a.m. and before too long the alarm was buzzing and I was out of bed, dressed and brewing a pot of coffee for my morning trip out of town.

As I looked out of our front window into the dark night sky, the street lamps cut through the thick fog. Checking our provincial highway webcams the fog was visible out of town but not very thick.

In half an hour I was out the door and  driving away from Edmonton in the slowly brightening skies.

I headed to my usual spots and the occasional cloud could be seen above the fog. I would alternately drive in an out of the banks until I came to a local river. The valley had very little fog in it which surprised me because this spot was usually one of my favourites. I continued on to another river spot. Same thing.

Hmm. Instead of going home I continued on in and out of the banks of fog as the sky got brighter. Ten minutes from sunup and I had taken a few photos but nothing remarkable.

And then… the sun rose above the horizon over a field littered in bales of hay but the view was obscured by trees. Usually my best morning shots are taken while the sun is close to the horizon so there was a little urgency finding a suitable location. I turned down a freshly ploughed gravel road and could see my photo ahead. The sun was rising through the thick fog which was framed by a stand of poplar trees. Just then a truck rounded the corner and slowed by me. I rolled down the window to ask if the driver needed any help his answer was to ask me the same. Long story short, it was his private road and he was headed to work with a stranger driving up to his house. Me.

I apologized, turned around and drove on disappointed that the best of the day was behind me.

It was such a nice morning instead of going home I continued on and as I did, the photo opportunities started presenting themselves one after another. With every turn I took was another photo.

The skies were perfect. The light was perfect and I was for a while in my own personal heaven. This continued on for forty or so minutes and by then I had decided to turn the Rav around and head home.

By 8:00 a.m. I was home and doing a rough edit of my images in camera. I was not disappointed with what I saw. Many, many images to process.

The first one from this morning is at the top of this post. While driving and looking to my left there was a private road leading to an oil well or pump. I couldn’t tell because it was hidden in the fog.

Pulling over I placed the tripod in the wet gravel/mud and snapped a few pics. This one needed very little touching up at all. A testament to how perfect the morning light was.

A morning to remember for a long time to come.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on August 13, 2018.

4 Responses to “A Morning To Remember”

  1. This is something! I found my eyes travelling around the photo and think the water and reflections on the road is a very important element and tells a story about what has happened. Gorgeous!

  2. Thank you Jane.

    Landscape photography is more about light and weather than location because ANY place would have looked interesting under these conditions.


  3. I am in love with your photo. Very beautiful image!

  4. Thank you Twilight.


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