My Love Affair With Light

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Sometimes when my wife asks me why I’m not out taking photos I reply because the light isn’t right and she nods dismissively like what am I talking about.

Awareness of light is the most powerful tool a photographer can have in their arsenal. Weather comes in a close second and location a distant third.

With the right light and weather any place and I mean ANY place can look incredibly interesting.

Light doesn’t just illuminate the landscape. It shapes and colours it.

A few mornings ago when driving around after sunrise the residual storm clouds from the evening before hung low to the horizon. If you were to see them during the middle of the day they would appear almost without depth and colour.

During the early hours of the morning when the sun is low and light is being filtered through the atmosphere these very same clouds took on an almost ethereal look.

The morning sun pulled otherwise hidden shapes and forms and painted the sky with delicate and then bold hues of yellows and oranges until finally it had risen enough that this cloud lost its depth and colour.

I love light. I love how it transforms the world around me.

It’s my not so secret affair that my wife now knows about.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on July 23, 2018.

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