Same Storm… Different Day

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Mid to late July is all about heat and moisture, lots of it followed by an endless cycle of hot sun and pouring rain.

In my previous post I had written about my car giving me worries and causing concern because of the loud noises it was making.

A trip to a very honest mechanic revealed that there was a rock about the size of a dime stuck in the brake caliber. The mechanic told me that eventually the rock would have disintegrated but I wasn’t about to drive it with all that racket not knowing what it was.

In my over forty years of driving on gravel roads I have never had anything like that happen to me before but as I talked to people it turned out that although it isn’t common it isn’t unknown.

Getting my vehicle back on Thursday evening was coincidental to a huge storm passing through our part of Alberta. I followed it from Edmonton north east (this time with a full tank of gas) and tried to get ahead of it to see if there was a shelf or any other kind of interesting shape at the front.

I finally caught it about forty minutes later and stopped at the side of the road to try and get a few photos of it. The wind was blowing very hard and everything in the landscape that could bend was swaying to and fro.

Taking a few quick photos of the front of the storm I hopped back into my vehicle to try and get ahead of it again but this time instead of being on pavement where I could do 100 kph I made the mistake of driving on gravel. The storm quickly overtook me and soon the rain was pounding hard and bouncing off the road.

Fearing the worst I looked for a tall stand of trees lining the road to take shelter in should it hail. At least this might provide a little protection for my windshield if the hail should get too large. Moments after I stopped the hail started. All I could do was put on my flashers and listen to the radio until the storm weakened.

Fifteen minutes later I was back on the highway headed home but that wasn’t the end of my storm photo.

With heavy rains I was hoping that the wind the following morning would be calm so I planned to make it out and hope that there might be a fog with the high humidity. With the sun set to rise around 5:30 am it was off to bed early and soon enough time to get out of bed and on the road.

DSC_0841_DxO copy

Traveling out of town there was very little in the way of morning fog but there was the chance for a colourful sunrise against the fields of blossoming canola.

There is a beautiful place close to where I live where there are rolling hills planted with wheat and canola so I made my way out there to await the sunrise and it didn’t disappoint. Very slowly the sky turned from pale blues to magentas and pinks and then to crimson. It was a beautiful morning to be out and a thank you to the kind young couple who stopped while I was taking photos to ask if I needed any assistance.

After the sun rose I continued north taking photos until the last of the morning colours faded from the sky and by 7:00 am I was home.

A beautiful start to the day.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on July 22, 2018.

4 Responses to “Same Storm… Different Day”

  1. I absolutely love that last image… the diagonal lines, the colours. simplicity. beauty

  2. Very dramatic sky in the first image and pretty colours in the last one. Where I am near downtown Edmonton we had quite the downfall of rain and it got quite windy but no hail, thank goodness. People in some parts of the west end got hail. The way the temperature changes so much we could have some exciting weather before the end of the month-good photo ops!

  3. Thanks Steve. I immediately saw those diagonal lines and wham!


  4. Its funny about summer weather here. By the first week of August the powerful storms will be almost gone for the year. Few and far between.


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