Just got back from Jasper


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I just got back from Jasper.

It has been years since I have visited the park in early July in large part because I abhor crowds. As I drove through town during the middle of the week motel upon hotel had their no vacancy signs up. All the campgrounds close to town were also full. Yup. That’s why I have avoided the prime summer months. And the traffic. Lots of campers, vans and motorhomes on the roads.

The first thing I noticed were the wildflowers. There were more than I ever remembered. The sides of the road and meadows seemed to be carpeted with yellow, white and orange flowers.

And it seemed that absolutely everyone had an SLR and was taking photos. Was there a sudden resurgence in photography or is it that I just never noticed it before, after all I usually visit during the fall and winter months. Perhaps its just because there are less people around.

I made the trip for photographs and doing it solo had a lot of time to myself and my thoughts.

Each and every place I stopped at had memories. When driving by Pyramid Lake I remembered catching about a four pound lake trout (thats large for that lake) and proudly showing it to my now deceased mother and wondering if she were with me as I reminisced.

While waiting for the mid day sun to lower at Medicine Lake memories of being with my father on the lake in a boat when I was maybe four years old. That is sixty years ago!

Had I really been visiting the park for so many years.

I went to the fifth bridge at Maligne Canyon and suddenly remembered the now defunct fish hatchery at the sixth bridge and as a youngster marvelling at the thousands of minnows and then the huge breeding trout in the other tanks. Of course Parks Canada stopped stocking lakes and river ages ago so that is another long lost memory. Where the hatchery once stood is nothing. Nada.

Trips with my brothers and cousins. Fishing trips with friends from work to catch Brooke Trout where the Maligne River flows into Medicine. So many memories.

After all of these years Jasper has still not lost its magic. Every time I visit is like coming home again.

Thats what being alone will do to you. Memories.

Anyway, I did take pictures and somehow I always end up with something different. There are so many places to stop like the photo at the top. In sixty years I must have driven by this place at least a hundred or even three hundred times but on this particular morning I did.

After a fitful sleep in the back of my little Rav4 I made my way to this river thinking that the photo was where you don’t see, behind me. When I turned around the lines immediately drew me into the scene. Of course I did take a few pics of where I intended but this just goes to show you that expect the unexpected.

It seems that what I often plan is not my favourite photo and that is a good thing.

Photography is full of surprises and memories.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on July 9, 2018.

2 Responses to “Just got back from Jasper”

  1. The memories you shared are wonderful. Yes, expect the unexpected. That image is a peaceful locale, good for just being and reflecting.

  2. Thank you Jane.

    How time flies.


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