Sheep or shepherd? Which are you?

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I came across a great saying the other day.

“When you’re younger, it’s all about conformity and being easily influenced – especially in terms of fashion. You just follow the trends. Whatever is hot at the moment, you want to get it. You basically just want to be doing what everyone else is doing. But as you get older, those things aren’t as important.” – Tia Mowry

I had to Google Tia Mowry to know who she was. Apparently she is on a television show that I have never heard of. That sounds like an old man doesn’t it?

Most of us start out in life needing to be/feel part of a group. It’s probably a genetic thing that helps ensure our survival and I am as guilty as anyone of trying to conform or at least I was when I was younger.

A funny thing happened to me in my early twenties. Instead of feeling the need to conform I had my own mini-rebellion so to speak. It was so mini that I doubt that anyone even realized that I was rebelling. LOL

You can see conformity all around us these days. What is trending on Twitter? What is hot on Instagram? From fashion to music to food there is an almost universal need to conform or is it be popular?

There is a trend happening in of all places, landscape photography. I see it everyday. Someone, lets call him the shepherd photographs a new place or an old place in a new way. And the sheep we will call them see this very popular shepherds photograph and copy it.

I can only speak of things that I am familiar with so I will tell you about Jasper and Banff national parks here in Canada. They are huge. Really big. In my twenties I would hike all the back country trails that I could in Jasper and still have not seen all of the park. Having said that why is it that most of the popular photos from Jasper and Banff are of the same half dozen places and almost without exception photographed the same as all the “shepherds”?

So when I get out to the national parks and see the obvious cliche I make an effort to do something different.

Popularity has never been something that I aspired to and in my senior years I find myself being more of a “rebel” than I ever was in my teens and twenties.

Maybe getting old means getting a little crazy?

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on June 4, 2018.

2 Responses to “Sheep or shepherd? Which are you?”

  1. I was such a rebel when I was younger (oh, maybe still am at times) but I hold close to me a saying that a teacher said to either me or the class,
    ” The biggest conformity is non-conformity.” Whenever a new trend starts up, whether it is photographing a certain scene or taking photos in a certain way, coach bags, tattoos, etc. I remember this saying and him, with fondness. Although I too try to get the iconic shots , I welcome the reminders to look further and see more. Thank-you.

  2. Are we rebels or just getting old and grouchy? LOL

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