If you can shoot landscapes at home you can shoot great landscapes anywhere…

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If you really want to impress someone with your photos the easiest way is to visit an exotic locale. It doesn’t really matter how good or bad the photo is, just because the place you took the picture is stunning you will be sure to impress. People are impressed by shiny things. I see it everyday. Visit Iceland or Patagonia and the scenery is usually powerful enough to overpower any shortcomings in your photography.

There is nothing wrong with making trips to exotic places around the world but if you are going to do it, get the most bang for your buck by being a master of what you do BEFORE you get there.

For many years I was shooting stock photography. I mistakenly believed that everyone wanted photos of the national parks and after a few years I realized that what was making the most money for me were the local, rural agriculture photos that are only minutes away from where I live.

It’s not glamorous but it pays better than the photos of our national parks.

On my many trips out of town I of course have to drive THROUGH town to get to the city limits.

The photo above was actually taken in the city of Edmonton and I walk my dog through this area a few times a week while he hunts for partridge. We don’t shoot them, I don’t hunt anymore but Cooper figured out on his own how to scent, point to and then pounce to make the birds take flight. That is as close to hunting as I get these days.

The area where the picture was taken is now an empty and weed filled field. Perfect for partridge. Not so good right now for pics.

A few years back while the neighbourhood was being developed dump trucks would back into this field with their loads of clay and top soil. What was left were a series of piles of dirt and concrete and all other manner of refuse. Over time the exposed soil was overgrown with weeds some of which looked very attractive to me. On one fine summer evening while I was making my way out of town near sunset instead of driving any further I pulled over and walked into this weed filled field as the sky turned into a blazing show. It was one of those skies that you only see a few times a year.

I took a bunch of photos of the weeds and hills being careful not to include any of the new houses just out of sight. The result is above. Who would ever guess that this was taken in the city of Edmonton?

My point to this is that if you practice enough where you live to recognize light and the right weather conditions you will absolutely nail it when you get to Iceland.

Learning is so much easier when you can do it only minutes away from where you live.

Happy shooting,




~ by Dan Jurak on May 30, 2018.

2 Responses to “If you can shoot landscapes at home you can shoot great landscapes anywhere…”

  1. Good point, makes me laugh about getting low to avoid getting the houses into the picture.

  2. This was taken a few years back. There are even more houses there now and the Anthony Henday is just out of the frame.

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