Alone in the mountains under a starry night sky…

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Hernias. During my annual medical checkup my doctor always did the hernia thing. Guys, you know what that is. Cough. Cough again. Done.

At the age of 63 soon to be 64 I hadn’t ever encountered one. They were things that only “other” people got. Then a few months ago at my wifes insistence I lifted something very heavy and felt a twang. Damn, I thought, I pulled a muscle. Ah well, serves me right. It will get better in a few weeks. And then it didn’t. A month later, I noticed one day while coughing that I felt a little pop down below. Putting my hand to it, there was a little bulge. Aaack! A hernia!!!

Oh well, is that something that only old men get? It turns out that men and women of all ages can get them. Reassuring eh?

Make an appointment with my physician, only to get a referral to a specialist a few weeks later who would do the surgery. Long story short. Last week I went under the scalpel and had the hernia repaired.

Now I no longer have a bulging intestine that keeps me from doing things that I normally like to do but instead I am limited by how much I can lift for four weeks until the incision  completely heals.

It seems that things that are unavailable or out of reach become more attractive and appealing than they should be and I have a hankering. A hankering to get out to the mountains and hike tens of kilometres. Hike out in the mountains and carry an overloaded backpack until my legs are wobbly from doing the umpteenth switchback climbing out of a mountain valley and into a high pass.

I have a hankering to be out alone under a brilliant sky where the light of stars from hundreds of millions of years ago is finally reaching earth.

Soon I keep saying and the impatience isn’t easy to live with but I know that all good things come to those who wait.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on May 25, 2018.

11 Responses to “Alone in the mountains under a starry night sky…”

  1. Happy healing Dan

  2. Thank you Ray.

    I feel great and just want to make sure everything is healed up completely before I return to normal.

  3. wishing you a quick & healthy recovery. It has been some time since I left a comment so I just wanted to thank you for your weekly posts as I ( and I am sure many others) enjoy receiving them.
    I found your April fools joke very amusing, but if it had been for real it probably would have filled up very quickly. I am sure many people would enjoy learning about your workflow.
    Please keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you Rob, I appreciate the good thoughts.

    This blog fortunately or unfortunately has become more of a diary than an actual how to photo blog and for that I apologize.

    About April Fools, that was a lot of fun to write and you might be right about having the workshop filling up. LOL

    I have been thinking about sharing how I do things either processing or shooting because many people are like me and find that actually seeing something being done is more helpful than reading about it. Maybe one day…

    Thank you again for your kind words and visits over the years,


  5. Hope you are feeling better. I look forward to your next post.


  6. Hi Arun,
    Thank you for the kind words. I am feeling great and looking forward to getting out soon.

  7. Here’s to healing. I think I recognize this spot.

  8. Thank you Jane.

    This spot should be well known. It is on the side of the old highway between Mt. Edith Cavell and Athabsca Falls.


  9. Yes, that is what I thought Chrome Lake or something like that . I stopped there and have the same dock in an image. I love that drive!

  10. But no comparing with your amazing image with the stars. Wow!

  11. Jane, I just did a quick look at a map and I am pretty sure that it is called Leach Lake.

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