Three months of Instagram and it feels like I am back in highschool

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Wow! Highschool seems like such a long, long time ago but the memories of it are coming back in flashes.

Instagram is highschool all over again.

After forty years of being in the work force I am reminded daily about how much I disliked the cliquiness that I hated.

If you were like me, you were never one of the “in” or “popular” people. We seemed to be always on the fringe looking enviously to what we thought was a better place.

I quickly realized that it wasn’t important to me but nevertheless it still bugged me.

Being in the work force felt so much different. You were judged on what you did and how well you did. Coming out of high school and working among adults it was a relief to not see the cliquiness that I had experienced previously.

I learned something that I think that I knew all along, some things never change.

Hopefully I have become a very good judge of photographs having taken them for over forty years, most of it professionally.

When I see a photograph that honestly is not a very good photo get hundreds and even thousands of “likes” in a matter of hours it became clear that lots of people are still interested in being part of the “in” crowd. Maybe if I like this photo I can get recognized and invited into the inner circle? Is that why people fave mediocre images or are my artistic tastes so screwed that it is me who is blind to great art?

Being a stubborn Ukrainian, (that’s what a fellow work mate used to call me, LOL) I prefer to believe that I am right and they are wrong.

I am reminded of the old Grouch Marx saying that goes something like, I wouldn’t want to be a member of any club that would have me.

Fame is hollow if you have to sacrifice what you are to become popular and I sure aren’t returning to high school in the near future.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on May 5, 2018.

6 Responses to “Three months of Instagram and it feels like I am back in highschool”

  1. I am with you on this and I am currently avoiding Instagram, although I may give in for the sake of the blog. I am not a great fan of Twitter, either. It does seem ridiculous that people post pointless things and get millions of likes- watching BGT (15k likes) or, had fish for my tea (30 new followers) etc. I think your photos are great so you can be in my in-crowd, which is probably very out! If I tell my son I am down with the kids, he reassures me that only people who really aren’t down with the kids are the ones that say it!

  2. Liz, we can’t be the only ones who feel this way. LOL

    I’ll continue to post on Instagram if only because every once in a while I find a photographer who is truly creative and interests me. As for likes and follows, I have to keep reminding myself that none of it is as important as how we feel.

    Thank you for visiting and posting,

  3. People like the “idea” of the photograph itself, and not the actual photograph judged on it’s on merit , and yes that is, and will always be totally high school. Lol

  4. You are probably right. πŸ™‚

  5. NO MORE Highschool – being recently retired I can now do more of what I want and much less of what I don’t want which allows me the freedom to be who I am – who I’ve always been
    Also I now can complain about whatever I want – lol

  6. Congratulations on retirement!!! We work most of our lives to enjoy it and now is the time.

    Retirement is so enjoyable I find it very difficult to complain about whatever I want. πŸ™‚


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