One sky out of a thousand…

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Aug 9, 2011. Storm season was just about over and I had spent the evening chasing dark and nasty skies.

The canola blossoms were rapidly dropping from the plants and it was time to head home to make a pot of coffee and to do a rough, first edit in camera of what I had just taken.

The sun had already and for intents and purposes my photography was done for the day.

A funny thing happened that I see maybe once a year if that. As the sun sunk lower below the horizon the sky started glowing. The colours became even more intense.

Whatever was happening was happening very quickly. I could see the surrounding canola fields becoming very, very dark.

Soon the clouds would go dark and my last chance for capturing an amazing sunset would be over.

As I drove south along a side road towards Edmonton where I live on my left, facing west was a canola field. I hit the brakes, grabbed the camera, already on a tripod from earlier in the day and squeezed off a few frames before it got dark.

When I got home I looked at what I had taken during the evening, marked my favourite for processing the next day and when I looked at the sunset images decided that they were too under exposed and contrasty to process.

Fast forward almost seven years later and looking at the same images I saw potential there that I hadn’t before. Maybe it’s because I am a slow learner that I decided to give the previously unusable images a try this time and with a little work, maybe ten minutes worth, here is the final result.

When I was taking a ton of landscapes for stock photo agencies I would get out quite often. I saw many great sunsets. Everyone different and beautiful.

Very seldom have I ever witnessed a sunset that actually got BETTER after the sun went down.

Nothing was done to enhance the colours. There aren’t any Photoshop tricks here to introduce colour that wasn’t there. In fact I brought the magentas and reds down quite  bit because they looked too saturated.

Sometimes Mother Nature gifts you one. Other times you have to look hard to find your image. I owe you one Mother Nature. 🙂

Happy shooting,


~ by Dan Jurak on April 26, 2018.

5 Responses to “One sky out of a thousand…”

  1. This image is really amazing! The colors are absolutely brilliant!

  2. Thank you. This is actually a pretty close representation of what I saw. There have been many great sunsets but this one was exceptional.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting,

  3. This image clearly is exceptional! It can be so hard to capture what naturally is there and I really like how you shared that this is how you saw it. Thank you.

  4. What can I say? The title says it all. I like how the light reflects into (or off ?)the flowers in the field. Beautiful. This is an image that I would want to print and hang on the wall.

  5. Thank you Jane. When this was taken it was already getting very dark. About the light, the sun is below the horizon and illuminating the clouds which in turn are reflecting light onto the canola.

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