Why didn’t I see this five years ago?

When visiting this blog to write a new post I noticed that the last time I had done this was two weeks ago. Happy April Fools Day!!!

Maybe, just maybe one day I will offer something in the way of photography instruction in my back yard of the prairies or the mountains of Jasper National Park.

The weather where I live has been very uninspiring for photographs lately. Lots of gray days with fields either filled with rapidly melting now which doesn’t look good in pictures or mud puddles.

I have been keeping my eyes on the lunar calendar and the weather to try and get out for another milky way session either in the mountains or the prairies and so far all moonless nights have also been cloudy nights. Sigh.

As a result I have been going through old images. By old I mean as far back as 2008. Judging by how many images there are I wonder how I managed to work a full time job because I was out almost every day it seems.

The old images have been a treasure trove for me. Ten years later I see differently now than I did then. I also process things differently.

I came across a series of night images that I took near Nordegg in 2013. That is almost five years ago and because we change how we see things this image that I ignored at the time looked kind of interesting last night.

I fired up my RAW converter and saved it as a tiff. Half an hour later after playing with it in Photoshop I sat back and if I could have kicked myself I would have. I liked this better than what I had processed at the time. Duh!

There is a lesson here to all of us. Hang onto those RAW images. Even if you don’t see anything today you might end up throwing out a diamond in the rough. If it looked interesting enough to photograph once upon a time it just might be good enough to process it too!

Happy shooting,


~ by Dan Jurak on April 18, 2018.

2 Responses to “Why didn’t I see this five years ago?”

  1. I read somewhere that we should never throw out old photographs, as we may see them differently in the future. This sounds like a case in point. I find that not only my vision, but my editing skills change over time and that makes old images have more potential.

  2. Our tastes in things like clothing and music change over the years, why not pictures?

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