Photographing the Alberta Prairie Workshops

After many years of relenting and turning down offers to do workshops in Jasper and Banff by local hotels I am pleased to announce my brand new and all inclusive “Photographing the Alberta Prairie Workshops”.

Starting this June, I am going to be leading one of the biggest, and certainly most all-inclusive Alberta prairie trips ever designed.  This trip will feature the highest level shooting, and the post-processing instruction will be recorded and yours to keep!
The prairies have been a well kept secret for too long! No more I say.
The processing will be taught in 4 different conference rooms reserved for us along our route to learn my one of a kind processing techniques on custom calibrated big screens!
The shooting will be starting in Gibbons, just north of Edmonton the capital city of Alberta, we will find ourselves the first morning shooting the valley of the Sturgeon River. Fantastic willow and poplar stands line this slow flowing and under appreciated river.  During the days we’ll be doing long exposure photographs of the icons of the prairie, grain elevators and silos and that’s just the start!
As the trip moves north throughout the week we touch on every great Alberta prairie shoot there is this time of year, even adjusting our itinerary to fit the weather!  We could even visit locations as far away as Fort Saskatchewan, using our ‘flexible’ days in the middle of the trip, if conditions look right!  These locations will include but are not limited to:
  • The famous old churches near Fedorah
  • Dramatic cloud formation over the prairies as weather develops
  • Grain and plenty of it as it rises from the dark and fertile grounds of central Alberta
  • The most farm locations of any trip
  • The most gravel roads travelled on any workshop
  • Vast wide open expanses of the prairie parklands
  • The immense wildflower gardens of Redwater
  • Transportation for both trips can be arranged by procuring a rental car in Edmonton (often about $150 per week) or by bringing your own vehicle.  Edmonton is within a half an hour of our starting location for both trips and closer still to our ending locations.  If you prefer instead to carpool with others (who are not using their vehicles for camping) on this trip, and you prefer similar lodging arrangements by night, then this can often be arranged via a group email at an appropriate amount of time before the trip begins.  I help facilitate this in any way possible for you.
  • Lodging is easy to come by on these trips at most locations.
  • Your deposit is required to book your spot on any trip.  This deposit is normally (with 30 days advance notice) refundable minus a small cancellation fee should you be unable to make it, assuming someone can fill your spot.
  • Enjoy the sounds of farm animals as you make your way among them for pictures.
  • OUR TRIP STARTS MAY 20, 2018.
  • $2495 PER PERSON ($1000 deposit to sign up)
  • The trip price includes instruction, free access to processing videos, outfitting of all required  gear and hard goods, some transportation and many group meals throughout the trip.




~ by Dan Jurak on April 1, 2018.

15 Responses to “Photographing the Alberta Prairie Workshops”

  1. Waiting for my coffee to brew I grabbed my phone to check my email through blurry eyes -Shame on me ! Lol

  2. Shame, shame!!! LOL

  3. Count me in!

  4. LOL April F. Foold?

  5. Yup, you had me fooled. Happy Easter and Happy Spring.

  6. After all these years Jane? You know that these “workshops” are a pet peeve of mine. LOL Happy Aprils Fools, Easter and Spring!

  7. Oh wow, you wrote this up so well that I really thought you had gone to the dark side!

  8. Thank you Blake.

    I know that it would be easy to pull in five thousand dollars a week during the peak times to guide photographers around the province but my conscience would never allow taking advantage of people that way.


  9. Dan, you devil. Here I was getting all excited about a Canadian based workshop in Alberta covering a lot of stuff of interest to me. Then it happened…April Fools… had me wishing for this right up to the last minute. Would have been a great field trip…maybe another time.


  10. Yes, I remember that, that is why my face was screwed up as I read it, like huh?

  11. Another time for sure. 🙂

  12. I’m *in*, as long as i can use my collection of 53 filters and we’re allowed to sleep in, past the so-called “golden hour”. noon is a much more reasonable time to go out shooting, no?!

  13. As long as they are all graduated ND filters you are good to go. 🙂

  14. you should have included post processing in outdoors, in the middle of prairie farmlands!

  15. Next year?

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