Releasing the shutter is only the beginning… then the real fun begins

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I have been having a blast going through thousands of old images with a new eye on processing them.

The picture at the top of this post was taken in September of 2011. Almost seven years old. The way that I visualized the scene then is much different than how I see it today.

Tastes change. Ideas change. We change.

Change is a healthy and necessary part of our development at least that is what I have been taught. There is an old Chinese proverb about the tree that bends in the wind doesn’t break. I think that in some was that should also apply to our creativity.

Remaining rigid in your ideas or beliefs and not being receptive to at least hearing and giving a few moments of consideration to something different than is not conducive to our growth.

Along with an, can I say it? Evolving sense of the aesthetic the way that I approach an image in Photoshop is different. Better? Worse? Time will be the best judge of that because I know that when looking at something I create I tend to lose a sense of objectivity.

The idea for re-processin this image of Mount Athabasca an Mount Andromeda in Jasper comes from seeing many of the younger and up and coming popular photographers on Instagram.

Rather than staying close to reality they tend to stretch and exaggerate realism in every sense.

I came from a time when Eliot Porter. Porter is best known for his large format colour images of the American Southwest. From what I remember he did dye transfer prints from his transparencies. There was no dodging or burning or Photoshopping like there is today.

From Porter my tastes drifted towards David Muench who similarly photographed the American Southwest with a large format camera. The difference being that Muench was much more flamboyant with his use of colour and graphic style in his use of colour.

Just as I was influenced by those two great landscape artists of the past I am also influenced by a generation younger than mine.

The before RAW image with only default settings to export.

There is no right or wrong way to process this image. Give the RAW file to one hundred people and you will get one hundred different interpretations. The fun really does begin after you release the shutter.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on March 16, 2018.

2 Responses to “Releasing the shutter is only the beginning… then the real fun begins”

  1. but…but before you press the shutter do you ever find yourself smiling at the beauty your eyes see in the viewfinder…a magic moment.

  2. You bet I do Brenda. I find myself smiling anytime I get outside. 🙂

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