Posting my mistakes on the internet for all the world to see :)

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On my Vero account earlier I had someone like one of my photos there and as I always do checked out their profile to see if there were any pictures that I might like.

What I found was a landscape photographer who on one of their photos had what wreaked of desperation to me. Follow me be entered into a draw if I get 1000 followers on Vero. Huh? OMG I thought to myself what is this persons problem?

Popularity like I wrote the other day is ethereal. It has no real value. You can’t touch it, eat it or sell it. BTW, their photos were not anything that I want to revisit.

I am not popular. Never will be and don’t care to put in the work that it takes to be popular. Maybe there is something wrong with me? I dunno but I am perfectly content being who I am.

Who I am is a regular person that has challenges in what they do. I am a person who makes mistakes and is sometimes slow to learn from those mistakes but if something is valuable enough to me I will make the effort to learn from them.

My little jaunt to Abraham Lake this week is proof of that.

In yesterdays post, the night panorama of the milky way and the northern lights, a reader pointed out to me that there was a funny purple colour in the shadows and wondered what it was.

What was in those shadows is the result of someone having not mastered night photography. It is severe under exposure and that is now my camera body handles it. Purple bands that are a paint to remove so instead of trying I am writing about growing as a photographer even after all these years of having earned a living with one.

What I know is that when photographing the milky way or any stars for that matter you want the exposure to be short enough that the stars aren’t streaky. The streaks caused by the rotation of the earth. Point your camera at the night sky and leave the shutter open for a few minutes and you will quickly find out that yes indeed, the earth does rotate.

Me being a little naive, stupid and lazy decided that I would keep my exposure at 15 seconds at f2.8 and bump the speed from the suggested ISO 6400 to over 8000 ISO. That was my mistake.

I could have done a few things to help minimize the purple banding. I could have doubled the exposure to 30 seconds which with a 24 mm lens would have been fine or I could have done what I have seen others do, expose once for the sky and then do a separate exposure for the foreground. That means lowering the ISO or sensor speed, increasing the exposure to a few minutes in length and then blending the sky and foreground.

EDIT: How stupid of me. I just realized that I had a 24 mm f1.4 lens in my camera bag. The panorama was taken with a 14-24 f2.8 lens at 24mm. If I had used the first lens I would have been able to give it more exposure at a wider lens opening for the same length of time. Duh…..

My laziness and naivety proved to be my undoing.

My saving grace is something that I have told my kids ever since they were toddlers. No mistake is a bad mistake if you can learn from it.

Lesson learned.

Happy shooting,


ps. please note the purple banding in the shadows of the pano at the top to see what I am talking about. šŸ™‚ (I am humbled) LOL

The shot above is a panorama of five or six (too lazy to check) vertical images. I copied and pasted the image on top of itself and then processed on layer for the sky and the other for the foreground. The result was then blended and saved as a single image.

~ by Dan Jurak on March 14, 2018.

5 Responses to “Posting my mistakes on the internet for all the world to see :)”

  1. I am still trying to learn photography, I would never have seen, it. Thanks for the post

  2. You are welcome Kelly. BTW, we are all trying to learn photography. All of these years later and I still finding better ways of doing things than I am used to. That is one of the joys of photography for me.

  3. Agreed

  4. I like your attitude about the images you post, It’s how you! see the world that makes for individuality.
    I have a pet hate, it’s when someone starts a question with ‘I know this is a stupid question’ No question is stupid otherwise you wouldn’t need to ask it.
    We all learn by mistakes and endless questions.
    I can see what you were trying to achieve with the image and like the result. Yes it’s not perfect, but a lot better than some of the stuff I sometimes post. Never was good with colour, but I keep trying.

  5. Mistakes are lessons to learn from.

    I completely agree with you David.


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