Where my heart is…

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The memories that photographs that we have taken can bring back. So long ago. Such a long, long time ago and yet it at times it seems just like yesterday that I was a little boy of four or five years of age in a boat fishing for trout in the middle of Medicine Lake in Jasper.

Where does the time go? How much more time will there be?

You know how your mind wanders before you fall asleep and you find yourself thinking about anything and everything. The past. The present. The future?

I got to thinking that soon I will turn 64. That is not young by any means. At times I feel like the little boy fishing with my father. By no means do I ever feel my physical age that is until I look in the mirror and see an old and greying man.

64 I thought. How many more good years are left to make trips to the mountains? How long before health comes before photography?

Why do we take pictures? How do we decide to travel where we do?

The photo at the top is of Jasper and was taken during the autumn months a few years ago. It trigged the idea for this piece. I was processing it and realized when looking at the brown grassy meadow that you see in the middle of the picture that it is the bottom of Medicine Lake which drains to almost nothing in the fall.

There have been countless hours here spent with both of my now deceased parents and then later with my brothers and cousins and friends and even later with my wife and daughters.

It’s funny how we somehow drift back to where we started so many years ago. That is where our hearts are.

Happy shooting,


ps. About the photo, I had processed it normally or at least the same way that I always do but then saw a video on the internet where the photographer did that and then made a copy of the image but then darkened and lowered the contrast and pasted it into a new file. From there he was cloning the bright spots on the normal print into the darkened file.

Since there is more than one way to do things I ended up copying the darkened image and pasting it onto the original then using a mask on the dark image selectively brushed back some of the highlights or brighter areas where I wanted them. The result is an image with much richer and deeper tones than what I normally do. I like the result.

Another arrow in my quiver now so to speak. 🙂

You are never too old to learn new things.

~ by Dan Jurak on March 6, 2018.

2 Responses to “Where my heart is…”

  1. Beautiful photo.

  2. Thank you Khürt.

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