Two weeks into Instagram, what I like, what I hate, what I don’t get

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This has been an interesting couple of weeks on Instagram.

For and oldster like myself I am late getting there. My two girls have been on it and other social media for ages. For as forward thinking as I sometimes think that I am to catch onto things, I missed the boat here.

What I like about Instagram

I am blown away by the hour of the creativity that I see. So many different ways to see and so many styles of processing that are new to me. It doesn’t take long to see how the images have been processed to get the final result. That is a good thing because I am seeing things that I hadn’t considered before and am now trying. Photography is about expression and expanding your horizons.

What I hate about Instagram

After only two weeks I am starting to see a sameness to many photos that I like. There is a formula for where to go, how to shoot and how to process. That I hate. The world is such a vast and wondrous place but for many of the photographers that I am seeing there photos are almost interchangeable. Here in Alberta it is the same worn out places photographed and processed the same way. What catches my eye is when someone does something new and different to me. Maybe it is the algorithms that Instagram uses to decide what to show me but so far the pics that I have like have all looked the same. The only time I have found something really interesting is by browsing someones gallery and find something different than what the algorithm presents me?

What I don’t get about Instagram

Can someone explain to an old man about FOLLOWS? It seems like a game of who gets the most followers. I get random people following me only to have them unfollow me a few hours later. Is that because I haven’t followed them back?

I follow a few people as I wade thru the millions of photos and follow those that I find inspiring or that have photographed places that I am familiar with and am interested in seeing how they see the same places that I frequent.

What I find puzzling is the in my opinion uninteresting photographers with tens and even hundreds of thousands of followers. For a lot of them I have browsed their galleries only to conclude that my tastes must be way different than the majority on here.

In conclusion my opinion of photography and its purpose in my life hasn’t changed because of Instagram. I still value uniqueness over jaw dropping, knock you over the head with cliches that have been done too many times before by people much more talented I.

Be inspired. Love it. Hate it. Be your own person and always remember that you are creating for yourself.

Happy shooting,




~ by Dan Jurak on February 24, 2018.

4 Responses to “Two weeks into Instagram, what I like, what I hate, what I don’t get”

  1. Yes. Many are I suppose selfish and wants you to follow them without following you in return. The follow/unfollow is to get your attention.

  2. You are probably right. This is the generation of “like me”.

  3. There are a lot of people “hunting” new followers, just to unfollow later. I have been on insta for a year, and my followers are stable because we get to “know” each other, support and comment on small and big happenings – and like each others photos. I have just 330 followers, the media guy I asked say it is about the photo, but i follow you, and you get fewer likes than your photos deserve when I compare. If you follow more people – more people will notice you, so a quick way is to follow a lot of people. Like and comment – be active is an advice I have been given:)
    I think some of it also is about the #hashtags – I am searching for the hashtags where we are interested of the same – style, quality and so on. It is now possible to follow hashtags to be orientated of the theme. The media guy also said it is also about when you launch it. To sum up – explore hashtags if you dont want to follow a lot.

  4. Thank you for the very informative reply Marja.

    I will never be very popular on Instagram or any other media. I was curious about the follows and the drop and now it has become clear. Thank you.
    I always reply to comments out of courtesy. If someone can take the time to comment, it is only good manners to reply but I will never follow someone just to get more follows. Popularity is something that is nice but at my age I am too old to care about being “the best’ or the most popular”.
    My university aged girls said very much the same thing that you have posted and it only reinforces what I think that I already knew. Thank you for the information,

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