Somewhere in the rockies

somewhere in the rockies, Banff, Jasper, Nordegg, abraham lake, ice bubbles, Ice, landscape, mountains, glacier, Dan Jurak, Alberta

I get it. When pressed for time and in a new part of the world taking pictures you want results. Maybe that explains the over popularity of two places close to where I live.

The first time I saw these two spots was by Marc Adamus, a well known landscape photographer. Marc gives photo tours all over North America and in the farthest south reaches of South America.

As a result of almost living outdoors full time earning a living and guiding clients for photos he has become familiar with many on and off the beaten track spots.

The two places that I am familiar with that I saw photographed by him the first time was the river between Upper and Lower Waterfowl Lakes. It’s a great location that I had been to many times during the summer but never thought of making the two hundred meter walk from the highway through the closed campground to the open river to photograph Mount Chephren.

The second place I have driven by maybe one hundred time and that is the now often photographed Beauty Creek and Tangle Ridge near the Beauty Creek Hostel on Hwy 93 aka the Icefields Parkway.

Both places are relatively close to a well travelled and paved highway but both places require a little less than ten minute walk to get to them.

Until Adamus posted photos of these two places on the internet I had never seen any and now? Now it seems like every well known or aspiring photographer visits these two spots.

There is nothing wrong with that until you realize that part of the creative process is actually the discovery process. Why really talented photographers only post pictures of these now well known icons is a mystery to me.

A huge part of photography for me is the JOY of discovery. It can be in the middle of the mountains or twenty kilometres north of Edmonton on a snow covered prairie. I want to see what no one has seen before in a way that no one has seen before.

Kudos to Marc for finding these great places and maybe one day I will actually follow the path in the snow to where they are but until then I would prefer to discover where I photograph on my own. It is that much more satisfying.

Happy shooting,


ps. The above photo was taken in the national park and anyone who knows them really well will recognize this place immediately but for some odd reason I have NEVER seen a photograph taken here. Hmmm.



~ by Dan Jurak on February 12, 2018.

8 Responses to “Somewhere in the rockies”

  1. A great find – lovely foreground too!

  2. Thank you Sue. There are a hundred places like this in the parks waiting to be photographed.

  3. the foreground is really interesting

  4. Thank you Pique. It was a beautiful sight being surrounded by glaciers and vertical rock.

  5. Spectacular!

  6. Thank you.

  7. I’ve taken my share of photos of iconic places, especially in the American West, but thankfully I’ve evolved to a point where I’m only interested in taking photos that can’t be tied to a specific place. And I certainly don’t want to stand shoulder to shoulder with an army of tripod wielding photographers! So while I may have a number of photos from famous national parks from recent outings, I don’t think too many people could tell you exactly or even close to where they were taken.

  8. Blake, I totally get the part of the shoulder to shoulder tripods in Jasper and Banff when there are hundreds of square miles of beautiful scenery that are virtually empty. Good on you for stepping out from the crowd. 🙂

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