I suck at photography, thank you Instagram

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Having two girls in university I find that I am far behind the curve when it comes to the internet.

Back in the early nineties, I left the security of my job at the local newspaper to experiment with something new called “the internet”.

I knew what the internet was and had a really fast 2400 baud modem which I connected through Compuserve. Web pages loaded really slow on my Netscape browser. Files, even small 20 meg files would take a day to download while monopolizing the telephone line.

People that I worked with thought that I was crazy. Why wouldn’t they? Hardly anyone had a personal computer let alone the “internet”.

My new job was to learn HTML and design webpages for our national newspaper chain.

Fast forward over twenty years and those same people who said that I was crazy to leave the newspaper are now either bought out or took early retirement.

Today it seems that everyone, seniors included have smart phones or home computers. The world is changing and change is a wonderful thing if you can adapt.

So a few weeks ago somehow the topic of Instagram came up and my curiosity piqued I opened up an account  https://www.instagram.com/dan_jurak/ or already had one and forgot about it and re-opened it.

For a few days I have been uploading pics. The girls clued me into hashtags and what they mean and how they increase your visibility so I experimented with them and they did make a difference however small.

Then again curiosity struck me and I started searching using the hashtag function. I started browsing photos and found many, many more photographers, local and international who had used the #alberta tag.

This was like finding out about the internet all over again. I was amazed at the quality, quantity and creativity of incredible landscapes on Instagram.

The more I looked at these landscapes the less I felt like someone who had been taking photos for over thirty years and more like a rank amateur or gigantic failure.

Did that turn me off of landscape shooting? No freaking way!

When I saw all of the different ways that others interpreted where I live my eyes were opened up to the possibilities that I have yet to explore.

Sometimes you need to see the world through a fresh set of eyes to realize that there are so many more things yet to do and that is exactly what Instagram has done for me.

Happy shooting,


ps. A disclaimer, there are a gazillion mediocre and bad landscapes on Instagram but for every one thousand of those there are gems. Find a photographer that lights your fire and explore their stream. You too will be inspired.


~ by Dan Jurak on February 10, 2018.

10 Responses to “I suck at photography, thank you Instagram”

  1. there are photographers who inspire…and Dan, I think you are one of them.

  2. Thank you Brenda, you are very kind. The better the people are around us, the better we can aspire to be and that is how I view others who are so much more talented and creative than I. Creativity doesn’t live in a vacuum. It is all around us.

  3. Gave you a follow on Instagram… like you said, it’s a great place to get some quick inspiration. Feel free to give me a follow back if you’re looking for a little more mediocrity to creep into your feed 🙂

  4. I gave you a follow Justin. I am always interested in how others see where we live.

  5. Nice IR landscape, followed you on Instagram.

  6. Thank you C.S.

  7. I am glad you are up with the times, but I cannot keep up with the blogs I follow, and I have cut them down by 3/4. although I do see Instagram on other people’ blogs,I might give it a peak because i am just too curious. Is Instagram for cell phones only?

  8. Hi Jane, I agree it can be overwhelming. I was reluctant to start up on Instagram because it is mainly a cell phone website. You can easily view all posts, images, etc. on a regular web browser but unless I have it wrong photos must be uploaded and posted by cell phone. I might be wrong about this but that is my understanding.

  9. wow! Amazing landscapes Dan..loved all your photos especially the BW’s

  10. Thank you Mark!!!

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