The beauty of the seasons…

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Up here in western Canada we are blessed with four seasons.

It seems odd to me when I listen to podcasts from Los Angeles and they are talking about their winter and wearing a sweater or light jacket when it drops to the high fifties in Fahrenheit that would be the mid teens Celsius I think to the rest of the world.

That is winter in southern California.

Up here in Canada things are a little different. Winter in central Alberta where I live can start as early as Halloween where the snow will sometimes last until mid to late April. I remember once the snow didn’t fall until Christmas eve and then it was 48 hours of giant snowflakes falling from the sky. So very pretty that even as a child of six or seven I could appreciate the beauty of it.

All of October, November and most of December that year was brown and cold. We don’t usually call it winter until the snow flies.

For me there has always been beauty in the seasons. Summer on the prairies starts out wet and foggy in the mornings, becoming drier through August and then into our short autumn. Autumn in Alberta is kind of spread out during September and October as things become cooler first in the mountains and from the north where we border the northwest territories it sweeps southward to the American border over a period of weeks.

Winter has always been special to me since I was a small child. Memories of playing outside with my younger brother until the both of us couldn’t feel our feet or fingers anymore and then into a warm bathtub to thaw our little selves out.

The first snowfall of the year is almost magical. Usually giant flakes waft slowly to the ground. On other occasions the snow will be slammed across the sky horizontally as a cold northern wind pushes it across the prairies.

For five months the snow can look one hundred ways different. It might look the same to the person who doesn’t really look at it but it is different. From soft, billowy powder to hard, cement like drifts, snow has the ability to change the look of the same place drastically making it look completely different from one day to the next.

I love winter. I love summer. I love spring. I love fall.

I love the seasons.

Happy shooting,




~ by Dan Jurak on February 1, 2018.

9 Responses to “The beauty of the seasons…”

  1. There really is magic in all of the seasons. Being from Alberta I can totally relate, and now living in rural Manitoba I have a love hate relationship with winter, I am both tired of the cold, wind and snow and mesmerized by the magical beauty of it all at the same time.

  2. I totally agree with you about winter. Make it shorter by about six weeks and it would be perfect. LOL

  3. Yes!!!

  4. I love that you left this soft and filmy as opposed to hiking up the contrast and making the image lose that mystical feel. I had a sense of deja vu the other morning when my fingers froze while I stood outside taking photos of the eclipse.

  5. Hi Jane, yes, I purposely made an effort to soften the scene little.
    BTW, the snow outside this morning is great. Lots on the driveway… arrrgh but maybe good for pics?

  6. Take the photos first , but the exercise is good for us too, yes?

  7. LOL exercise is very good. Photography is a reason to go out and exercise. 🙂

  8. I love your attitude. There is beauty all around us every single day, each season brings it’s own charm. And yes, winters are the best, even though down here in my part of New Zealand, we rarely get snow. Climate change may “fix” that for me, LOL.

  9. Thank you Phylicia. NZ is one of the most beautiful places on earth. If I could emigrate there I would but alas I am too old to move to another country. Be careful what you wish for. LOL BTW, climate change actually makes where I live more livable. Bad for some. Good for others
    Thank you for visiting and commenting,

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