A drive in the country to not take pictures

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Wide open spaces. They do something to my soul.

Sunday was a day to go for a drive in the country. Taking my camera gear along was only a second thought. The camera sat in the back seat of the Rav and only once did I take it from the vehicle to shoot a landscape and of this writing I haven’t even looked at the camera to see what I took.

Every fall the oak tree in our yard drops hundreds and I mean hundreds of acorns to the ground before the snow flies.

For the last few years I have been taking trips north of Edmonton with these seeds. Today I not only had oak acorns but chestnuts from a mature chestnut tree that I see everyday when I walk the dog. The tree hangs over a public walk way and come September lots of those large nuts fall to the ground on the walk way side so I naturally pick them up. That chestnut is a handsome tree. With a broad canopy and thick trunk it is quite unlike the willows and poplars that dot the prairies where I live.

The plan for today was to head north of town with the tree seeds and plant them along farm fields. Because there are so many oak acorns it isn’t practical to make a hole for all of them so for many I simply throw them into the woods and hope that by numbers alone a few survive.

I imagine in a few years for the trees that do take root people will be wondering how those Burr Oaks and chestnuts came to be.

I am 63 and it might take 25 or 30 years for these trees to mature. Will I make it to see them? I dunno. Who knows how much time we have.

It had rained Sunday morning and there were warnings of freezing rain falling on the local highways. By the time I had left town the skies were starting to clear and the vehicle thermometer was reading 6 Celsius.

I kept an eye on the skies as always should a picture present itself but as I continued northward the sky to the west was clearing and the clouds overhead were quickly moving east and away.

With the windows open and a cool, cool breeze blowing, the FM radio was playing songs from my teens like The Guess Who, Elton John, etc. the mind as always flashed back to a time of unfulfilled wishes and dreams not knowing where I would be some forty odd years later.

All of us like the seeds that I planted today have a cycle and a lifespan. At times it seems like forever and at other times I wonder where it all went.

So many memories of the past. So much to see yet in the future.

Happy shooting,


ps. the photo at the top of this post is obviously NOT from today. It was taken on a very cold, very windy autumn day ten years ago when I was just starting up again shooting landscapes. Another memory. Hang onto them.



~ by Dan Jurak on October 22, 2017.

6 Responses to “A drive in the country to not take pictures”

  1. Dan, at 63 you’re still a baby! I’ll be 70 in the new year. My dad made it to 92. I’m pushing for that but if I don’t make it, at least I had a good run. Well, more like a walk nowadays! 😏

  2. Danny Oakseed. good for you!

  3. Hi Emilio, a baby? LOL No diapers for me yet.
    Your dad made it to 92, my dad made it to 32 so I have lived almost twice as long as he did.

    It’s not about the destination, it’s the journey the old saying goes and that applies to aging too I think. 🙂


  4. LOL at the Oakseed. 🙂


  5. Aging is the most adventurous journey you can take, I think! Sorry to hear about losing your dad at so early an age. Glad you’re still kicking!

  6. Hi Emilio,
    Things are great here. Thank you for your wishes.

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