Spring time aurora

Spring Time Aurora

I was looking forward to an evening of spectacular aurora borealis last night. Early in the evening I got an email from aurorawatch.ca signalling an impending storm. Sure enough when I visited the website aurora activity was already listed at high.

With our days quickly lengthening at nine p.m. there was still a blow in the western sky. I figured that by the time I got far enough from Edmonton that the city lights wouldn’t be a problem it would be completely dark and off I went.

While driving one eye was on the road and the other on the darkening sky. There was a smattering of clouds hanging around and my hope was that they would disappear.

Twenty minutes later I stopped at the side of the highway next to a couple of old Ukrainian churches. Grabbing my gear I made my way toward the churches, took a few pics and to my dismay there were lots of clouds obscuring a green glow to the north so back into the Rav I hopped and made my way north in the hopes that things would improve.

Twenty more minutes later and I was off the highway and onto a half frozen, half muddy road in a wooded area with no farm houses in sight. This was a road that I hadn’t travelled before so it was all new to me. As I drove I found the road to be frozen and then muddy and then rutted to the point where my little Rav was getting thrown from side to side in the ruts. I pushed on the four wheel drive button to engage the front wheels because now my fear was getting stuck in the mud and not knowing exactly where I was or if there were even any houses close by should the Rav get stuck.

Northward the Rav and I continued. Thick brush lined the winding road with only glimpses of the night sky. Damn I though to myself, why did I take this turn? Not being able to safely turn around I continued on until the road straightened a bit. Ahead was a hill and a green glow. It was dry enough on the side of the road to safely stop so I pulled over, grabbed my gear from the back and snapped away. Clouds. More clouds and not very well defined northern lights.

Back into the Rav and ten minutes later I could see the lights of a farm yard and then another and another. Whew! A few miles/kilometers east to a well travelled gravel road and then south to pavement.

Not a great sky but an adventure. Life is about the journey and not the destination. Sometimes photography is like that.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on March 28, 2017.

4 Responses to “Spring time aurora”

  1. Magic story and photo – thanks for sharing. I got to see the Aurora myself last week from a plane above the Northern Atlantic and even managed to photograph it.

  2. Thank you. Glad to hear that you saw the aurora. They can be magical when conditions are right.

  3. Beautiful! I would like to see this one day myself too.

  4. HI Esmee, Thank you. The photos never do justice what it is like to experience the aurora first hand. Hopefully one day you will be able to see them.

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