2017… the year to get crazy


Above all else I love learning new things. There is a certain joy that it brings to my old brain when I approach something new, tackle it and then am free to break all the rules that apply to it.

I see colour. All of my most popular landscapes are in colour. My biggest sales have been in colour. Photographing and processing in colour gradually lost its shine and my interest in it waned.

Something new and different for me? Black and white.

Back in 1972 when I enrolled in a two year photo course here in Edmonton the first couple of semesters were all in black and white. Exposing black and white film. Processing the film. Making black and white prints. I hated it.

I thought at the time that it was like going back to grade one after having graduated from school.

Instead of taking photos with an SLR we all had to use heavy and cumbersome 4×5 Calumet cameras with tripods that seemingly weighted as much as us. LOL

Instead of photography being fluid and free it out of necessity was slow and deliberate. Set the tripod up. Mount the heavy camera. Meter the scene. View the upside down and reversed image under a dark cloth. Insert the film holder. Close the shutter. Pull out the film slide. Expose the film. Reverse the process.

Blech!!! But I learned and you can never know too much I found out. You see, the more you experience in life the greater the resources you have to draw upon from.

Last year I gave up colour photography. It was a year of experimenting with black and whites, long exposures and infrared and I loved it. I learned so much.

Over the past few winter months I have been learning more new things. Different ways and programs to process my images. New ways to see. Different subject matters. More learning. More fun.

This year instead of focusing on one thing, this year will be the year to experiment with as many new and different ways to see as possible. Rules and popularity be damned because this year is about having fun.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on March 19, 2017.

2 Responses to “2017… the year to get crazy”

  1. Indeed, happy shooting. Looking forward to seeing what all you do.

  2. Sounds like fun!

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