Selling your photos online

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It’s always nice when you can earn a few dollars from your favourite hobby or pastime.

Whether you photograph flowers, puppies, where you live or are a very serious “art” photographer there is a market out there for your images. The internet can expose you to hundreds of millions of potential customers.

I was sending my images to Masterfile for the past few years but with the downfall and unreliability of payments through stock, this fall I decided that it was best to cut my ties with Masterfile as I had several months of outstanding payments owed to me and empty promises of future payment do nothing to pay for gas for my vehicle.

For example, before my images were completely purged from Masterfile I received notice that one of my images had been used by Toyota of India. Toyota? and yet not a penny has come my way. Toyota or the agency that represents them for their promotions I am sure are paying suppliers but the problem is not them it seems but Masterfile. They are so history for me.

At one time I dabbled with printing my own photos and selling them through my website. It seemed like a good idea until I thoroughly researched it and found it to be lots of work. Work being the key reason that I decided against that idea.

So where else to go? There are many websites online that offer to host your photos and pass on the profits to you. I can’t speak to those but I can speak firsthand about a service that I have been using for a few years now.

With Fineartamerica you are able to submit whatever medium that you like. It can be a watercolour, acrylic, photograph, etc. FAA as I will call them from now on has a diversity of looks and suppliers.

fineartamerica, dan jurak, photos, photography, sell prints,

As a supplier you the artist are able to set your profit on what you sell. For example and this is quite the exaggeration, if I wanted to sell an 8×10 print and wanted my profit to be $1,000 FAA will simply add their cost to the purchase price and it will be $1,000 plus their cost/profit. I could choose to have a profit of $1.00 and the purchase price would be $1.00 plus their cost/profit and the price includes shipping anywhere in the world.

You are not limited to selling prints of all sizes and materials, you can also have your art placed on cups, t-shirts, bedding, bags, cards, etc.

fineartamerica, sell prints, photos, dan jurak, iphone case,

And they do sell. For example I had a photograph of our Weimaraner when he was eight weeks old and someone from Italy purchased it as the cover for their iPhone 7.

And the good news for me is that they pay and they always pay promptly. I have yet to receive a late or no payment at all.

They will handle the shipping, billing, printing, etc. leaving you to do what you want to do, create.

There are probably other websites that offer the artist a good deal in selling their art but without firsthand knowledge I am reluctant to mention any of them.

If you are interested in making a few dollars from your photos do a little research and see what works best for you.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on February 27, 2017.

4 Responses to “Selling your photos online”

  1. Dan, I have sold a few prints thru FAA. I don’t have much on their site but they do pay and fast.

  2. Hi Bruce, I have nothing but good things to say about FAA. There might be a better online presence that does a better job. If there is I am not aware of it. They have always deposited my payments electronically like clockwork.


  3. Thanks for this. I have been thinking about this company and know someone who uses them to help raise funds for a charity.

  4. Jane, I have nothing but good things to say about them. Earlier this morning I was doing the paperwork for my income taxes and print sales from them have really gone up over previous years. That needs to be prefaced by the fact that I do little to nothing in the way of promoting myself. You see, I am a terrible sales person and the idea of taking money from people is NOT second nature to me.

    Good luck with FAA,

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