The Joy of photographing… nothing!

prairie, landscape, Dan Jurak, winter, sunrise, barbed wire, prairie, Alberta,

I have been so tempted these past few weeks to make the drive out to the mountains but perhaps the love of sleeping in my own bed is stopping me? LOL

It is really only through struggle or difficult times do we grow. I have often told my kids that growing up without a father, he died when I was six, being one of five kids in a very, very, poor household made me a better person.

I often thought about all of my friends during the summer time who could afford to go on summer holidays or go skiing in the winter while I made due with finding piled up snow in a neighbourhood parking lot and pretended to downhill ski in my snow boots on those piles of snow.

We didn’t have much except for the stuff that was really important. I was loved. My mother always told me that I could and would achieve anything that I wanted and that nothing in life came free, that you had to work for it.

Maybe that is why I love the challenge of staying close to home to take landscape photos? Or maybe I am just too lazy to drive the four hours to the mountains? I dunno which it is but it matters not because no matter where I end up taking photos I find joy and satisfaction.

Out here in Edmonton the landscape would seem to change very little for a few hundred kilometres in any direction. It’s mostly prairies, farmland and what we called in school, parkland, that is rolling hills with poplars and aspens.

On the surface it might seem that everything is the same and that it is pointless to drive any further but to me, I see difference and opportunities at every turn of the old gravel roads that I drive.

Life is like that I think. Some people are forever unhappy waiting for the perfect partner or to win the lottery and then they will finally be happy.

And then again, some people are not.

Enjoy what your life gives you. It’s all a gift that sometimes we don’t recognize.

Happy shooting,


ps. An old photo from 2007 that I re-worked. It is really, nothing, the sun rising over a snow covered field and one of hundreds of thousands of fenceposts in Alberta.



~ by Dan Jurak on February 3, 2017.

7 Responses to “The Joy of photographing… nothing!”

  1. Wise words. Thanks for sharing that story and those thoughts.

  2. beautiful photograph!

  3. It is definitely something! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you. And thank you for visiting and commenting.


  5. Thank you Amoodindigosoul.

  6. Nice, interest, thank you.

  7. Love this shot, the complimentary colours, the juxtaposition of distant bushes, sun star and post, the light. Good eye and good timing.

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