Time Passages

Time Passages

“All round the day was going down slow
Night like a river beginning to flow
I felt the beat of my mind go
Drifting into time passages
Years go falling in the fading light
Time passages” – Al Stewart

Friday was indeed dark and cloudy but it wasn’t dreary, at least not to me.

There is something about photography that gets me excited about all kinds of weather. The kind of weather that keeps people indoors or depressed gets me outside and invigorates me.

Driving back from Elk Island National Park I zig zagged home in a most indirect way all the while looking around at the low, dark and fast moving clouds.

In Strathcona county which is just outside of Edmonton they must have lots of extra tax dollars because all of the side road, roads which anywhere else in Alberta would be gravel are paved in the county.

I turned the corner on this desolate looking day and started driving up a broad hill. Power lines to the left and nothing to the right it might seem as if there were no photo to be taken but the line of the road diminishing as it went uphill drew me in.

Out I stepped and immediately a cold wind cut through my jacket. The weather here in September can be so variable. Hot short and t-shirt weather one day and looking for a parka the next.

The routine was the same as it usually is for long exposure photos. Take the ND filter off the lens, open the eye piece cover on the back of the camera, place tripod on ground, compose, undo first three steps and wait four or eight minutes for the exposure then move on.

I did this a few times before arriving home cool and refreshed from having been out in the cold wind. A hot pot of coffee was soon brewing and I was deleting the unwanted images that I had taken earlier.

Happy shooting,




~ by Dan Jurak on September 4, 2016.

3 Responses to “Time Passages”

  1. Nice job with a scene that many people wouldn’t even stop to shoot. I like your processing.

  2. Thank you Frank.

  3. Ooo, I like this. Very moody. Cheers!

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