Nothing to see here… move along

Nothing To See Here

Sunday morning was blustery and overcast.

I had been thinking of photographing water for a few weeks and tried to think of a location that might lend itself to photography. An hours drive from where I live is a lake that when I was a youngster had a long cement pier that you could walk out onto. That would be perfect for the Sunday morning shoot or so I thought.

Off I drove late in the morning. Shooting black and white it doesn’t require that you be there at the tail ends of the day to get the nice beautiful colors that color landscapes require. With black and white it’s much more simple. As the miles/kilometers passed I kept an eye on the sky watching the clouds blow by and with increasing frequency there were blue spots between the clouds.

Fall is definitely knocking on the door in central Alberta. It was 10 Celsius or about 50 degrees Fahrenheit and with the wind it actually felt cool. More poplar trees are fringed with yellow leaves. Most crops are now golden/yellow and waiting to be harvested. The scenery has definitely shifted colors from greens to golds, yellows and browns.

Arriving at the summer village which lies on the edge of the lake I was glad that it was relatively cool. Hardly any people were about and the pier would probably be empty. I continued to drive along the road that edges along the lake looking for the pier or at least where I remembered it to be. No pier. At the end of the village I turned around and drove back the way that I came. Maybe I missed it?

No pier. I found a long cement boat launch where I thought the pier used to be. Photogenic it wasn’t. Try as I might I couldn’t find an angle that looked good to me. As the wind whipped across the lake and big waves crashed against the boat launch I figured I should at least try and come home with some kind of photo to play with so seeing a large boulder placed on the edge of the concrete launch I planted camera on tripod and eight minutes later walked around looking for other angles to shoot.

Nothing seemed to work. A few more angles, more like desperation  photos and I headed home.

Instead of taking the highway which is a quicker and more direct route the side roads might surprise me, I thought. Half an hour later the scenery wasn’t the wide open spaces that I am used to photographing but instead lots of bush interspersed with a few small open fields. Try as I might I couldn’t find anything that caught my eye.

A disappointing morning? Not at all. Driving on country roads in the fall is magical. The combination of colors and seasons changing, the cooler air and even a sure sign of fall, hearing speckle belly geese (which summer by the arctic circle) overhead does something to my soul. Memories from early childhood come to mind. Coming home from a weekend of camping or fishing and sitting in the back seat of the car watching the scenery go by. Kind of like what I am doing now. Watching the scenery and the years go by.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on August 29, 2016.

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