The Real Beauty Is In Your Imagination

The Beauty Of Our Imagination

The other day I got an email from a fellow Canadian and blogger Flynn Marr, his blog is here

Flynn had some very flattering things to say that were really too kind and generous. He posted a few paragraphs and photos about my blog and website. Flynn wrote about what a beautiful place that I live in and while that is true, it is beautiful and wide open, there are so many more beautiful and photogenic places in the world.

BTW, check out Flynns blog, he has some very beautiful images and wonderful things to say.

Where I live I am lucky because every country road that I drive provides me with a slightly or sometimes drastically different view than where I just came from.

With color photography I tend to be more true to what the landscape actually is. With black and white there is a greater ability to get crazy, to really use my imagination.

Depending upon the weather which can be so variable even during the same day, the geography and the quality of light the same scene in black and white can look a myriad of different ways and that is where I delight in taking landscapes.

The other day I was driving out of town and remembered a broad valley with rolling fields. This same field was featured on a magazine cover in color and also in a calendar that was produced in Europe. The basic elements for what I look for are there so on that day I stopped my vehicle got out and took a few eight minute exposures not knowing what the result would be.

I have as much fun on the computer “getting crazy” in Photosh0p as I do taking photos. In fact, there might be more creativity and imagination involved in post processing than in the actual shooting.

The final product is at the top of this post and a very basic output from my RAW converter is below to give you an idea of where my black and white photos come from.

Before Photo

Yes indeed, Alberta is beautiful but our imaginations… well, they have a beauty all of their own.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on August 13, 2016.

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