Finding My Happy Place

Finding My Happy Place

I have always told those close to me about my angel. Is it an angel in the heavenly sense? I don’t know. Is it real or is it imagine? I also don’t have the answer to that.

Still I feel or have felt for as long as I can remember that someone close is watching over me. That doesn’t mean that sad or difficult things haven’t happened to me because they have. I have endured the struggles that most of us have endured throughout our lives. My father died when I was in grade two leaving my widowed mother at 32 with five children. Too young to work and leave my youngest brother with us while at work, he was nine months old at the time we lived on what was delicately called at the time Widows Allowance.

We did without lots of things that most people take for granted like extra helpings of food. I never knew until later that mom often waited until we finished our supper so that she could eat the leftovers. I tell my girls who have everthing that in junior high in grade seven I had one pair of pants and two shirts to wear through the school year. I suffered the humiliation of walking to the front of the class at the beginning of each school year to have my teacher sign my welfare requisition for school supplies. It was something that I always dreaded as summer holidays came to an end.

We never had material luxuries and still I remember my childhood as being full of happiness, love and companionship. Mom was my greatest fan often telling me that I would always succeed at whatever I did. I never believed her though. LOL

All through our childhood, my brothers and sisters could find our happy place with one another, with friends, with family.

Now a retired old man who has his own family, I still consider each day a blessing. Each day my angelic companion travels with me while I walk the dog, make supper for the family and travel with me on my photographic journeys. My angel travels with me through my happy places of life.

Creativity is something that I can’t explain with words. Is it me that does the creating? Is it my angel that guides my hand and my eye? Is it my angel that takes me to where I find these heavenly places to photograph? I don’t have an answer to that either.

What I do know is that we are not alone in life. Someone or something is guiding us to where we are going.

Finding my happy place has always been easy but then, I have always had help.

Happy shooting,




~ by Dan Jurak on August 7, 2016.

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring.

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