An Award Winning Photographer


Church At FedoraA little while back I was doing my daily editing of one of the groups that I created and moderate on Flickr. When I say moderate, all that I mean is that it is I that ultimately accept or reject photos that get into the group.

My only criteria is that the pictures be technically sound and interesting. You could never guess how many middle of the day, boring photos I see annually of the most photographed places on earth. If you want to get a picture accepted it MUST be interesting and not something that shows no creativity.

I seldom if ever look at the names of the photographers when editing. Since I get upwards of four or five hundred submissions a day and I have a very short attention span I usually only just see a thumbnail and decide from there if it is yay or nay. If a picture is sitting in the middle I accept it only to look at the larger version when it is in the group and decide stay or go. There really is no right or wrong for photos but I am trying to maintain a certain look or aesthetic to the group. If it’s not interesting it’s not in.

I did a double take on one of these photos the other day that was one of the “middle” pics. When I viewed the large version the description of the photo was below it and read it. It was disappointing.

Essentially the photo description was an advert for the photographer’s landscape workshops. Nestled inside the paragraph was a line describing the workshops as “award winning”. Huh, I thought to myself. Whatever happened to modesty? Was it really necessary to do a hard sell on the tour? Firstly, who gave out the award? What is that supposed to mean? Why do I care about what the people giving out the award care?

The same goes for the “award winning” photos that I see posted on Flickr. Sure it’s nice to win an award but really, I’d much rather have the cash prize that goes with the award rather than the recognition that might or might not go with it. It’s the same as when I took photos for a living, I could not care less if I was given a photo credit. What I cared about was getting paid for what I had done.

I like to make comparisons to make my points sometimes and I have one that goes like this. If you like your eggs prepared a certain way and absolutely love them what does it matter if your spouse, better half, etc. doesn’t like them that way? The eggs like your photos really are for your consumption. That is unless you are cooking for someone else and never eat your own cooking.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on August 4, 2016.

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