On The Edge Of The Pasture

On The Edge Of The Pasture

I seldom if ever photograph cattle although a relative a few years ago suggested it as a way to make a whole lot of money. Apparently there is a niche market for photographers who can do polished photographs of breeding cattle and they charge a LOT of money for that.

To each their own. That sounds too much like work and I would get a regular job if I wanted to work. Taking photos for a living is for me a sure way to take the fun out of it.

No, I seldom ever photograph cattle but I do appreciate the work that they do out in the fields every day tending to the shrubs and tall grasses and making life so much easier for me.

I noticed years ago how grazing cattle affected the landscape. In fact I wrote about this a long time ago in a blog that was long ago deleted.

Cattle will nibble and chew on just about anything growing that they can reach. Grasses, weeds and even small twigs on trees and bushes.

The effect of the cattle can be seen in the photo above. Without cattle there would be a lush and unphotogenic undergrowth.

If I see cattle grazing I am almost always sure to do a double check of the surrounding wooded areas for this reason.

I love cattle but I stopped eating them over thirty years ago. No religious reasons or preaching from me, I just stopped eating all red meat. Live and let live.

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~ by Dan Jurak on July 29, 2016.

2 Responses to “On The Edge Of The Pasture”

  1. So happy to hear that you don’t eat cattle! On my way to work I pass huge fields of cattle. They often lay in a nook just like the one in your photo. It’s close to the road and I want to stop and pet them. Not sure if they would be friendly though. I also really want to photograph them. Maybe in the fall when it’s not 200 degrees outside I will do that. I love to see them with their babies but it makes me sad because they are just milling about enjoying their life and they have no idea what is coming. So wrong.

  2. I havent’t had red meat for over thirty years at least and after this long I cannot say that I miss it. Having said that, I respect anyone’s right to choose to do so. We evolved eating meat and in fact survived on that for eons.

    I too have the occasional thought when I drive by a pasture full of cattle knowing what is in store for them. It seems brutal and barbaric but it is no different in my mind than a magpie flying into another birds nest and stealing their young to feed their own. That’s the natural order of things. It’s not always pretty and is sometimes downright brutal. I only have control over what I do.

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