Thinking of Dave

Thinking Of Dave

Photography is and has been many things to me.

Some of my earliest memories are of me being in my pajamas on a Saturday night and not being able to use the bathroom because Dad was developing film or making prints in the makeshift darkroom. The house was filled with the strong and earthy smells of developer and fix bath. As close as I can remember that was in the late nineteen fifties. A long, long time ago it sometimes seems. And then again on nights like tonight it seems almost as if I could hop out of my bunk bed and run into the living room to cuddle with my mom while dad was busy hanging up prints to dry in the old bathroom.

A few years later my father passed away at the age of 32. I was only 7 at the time and it seemed both real and unreal to my little self. My dad had many hobbies and it’s so funny that I took up almost all of them during the course of my journey into adulthood. I hunted birds and big game like he did. I learned how to flyfish, taught myself how to do it and learned how to tie my own flies just like dad used to and the weirdest thing of all, I ended up somehow picking up photography in my late teens.

Fast forward thirty or forty odd years from there and I raised my family and paid for our home with the proceeds from photography. Now retired, I still manage to get out and take pictures.

Almost always I am alone when I do that. On occasion I have taken my girls out and it has always been fun. Now the girls have their own lives and their own boyfriends and it’s just usually me and my cameras. Well, not really. You see, when I am out by myself my mind travels. It travels through the past and into the future. It dreams about what was and what might have been.

Photography takes me far, far away from today. It makes me happy and gives me peace.

Photography makes me appreciate all that I have lived through, the good and the bad. It all happens for a reason and we will never know why we had to experience the pain along with the joy. We never question the happy times but we question the sad times.

Sometimes when I am out by myself my mind goes back to those happy times with my brother who died a couple of months ago. It doesn’t make me sad, instead it fills my heart with a warmth and peace. The love that we share in our lifetimes doesn’t end with the loss of someone, it continues as does my interest in photography.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on July 27, 2016.

6 Responses to “Thinking of Dave”

  1. A terrific post, Dan, filled with lovely sentiment and emotion.

  2. Thank you Frank,

  3. I’m glad photography is a way for you to time-travel and revisit happy times and memories. I’m struggling mightily with the opposite effect. I lost my muse in March and I’m having a very hard time finding the inspiration to pick up my camera again. I know this too will pass, but when I look at my catalog of photos from the last few years I feel raw and a little lost. I know will improve, but I hope it’s soon.

  4. Sorry for your loss. With loss will eventually come growth.

    Time really does heal all wounds if we let it and eventually life returns to normal albeit slightly different. Change is a constant in our lives and the loss is only a part of it.

    Know that things will get better.


  5. DAN, I am realizing that you are not only talented with images, you are also talented with descriptive words that touch the heart.

  6. Jane, I appreciate those words more than any that I have ever gotten for my photographs. I often wonder why I write because often it has little to do with photography and I don’t want to bore people.

    Thank you so very much,

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