Creating My Reality

Creating My Reality

I think that I’ve found my groove again.

After a long, make that after a few long absences from landscape photography my mojo (thank you Austin Powers) is back.

I find myself looking at weather forecasts more frequently and when walking the dog glancing upwards and trying to anticipate the coming skies.

It’s funny how being away from something can recharge or rejuvenate you.

Back in the day when I actually made my living or a large part of it by using a camera what I did on my days off NEVER involved a camera. The part of my brain that was creative at work needed the break to continue the creativity into the next week. Usually when i do something that I love I put my all into it. It’s not just dabbling but two both feet into the water sometimes in over my head.

And so it is with landscapes. I am in competition with no one but for myself. It is seldom if ever that I follow photographers on Flickr. Only if they see something in a different way than I do hit the “follow” button not to copy them but to be reminded about seeing differently.

As you age/mature in your photography expect to evolve. The photos that I shot last year I really have no interest in anymore. It is the photos that I am about to take that interest me the most.

If you are being honest with your work and it is often hard to be objective it won’t be often that you praise what you do. Maybe that is why I really don’t dwell on what I have done but instead look forward to what I am about to do?

The abandoned farm yard at the top of this blog is a place that I have driven by many times before in all seasons. I love this area because all the buildings here are torn down but the farm yard trees are left standing while the area awaits industrial development.

As I drove past this yard the winding road into the trees caught my eye. It was that curve that made me stop, get out of my vehicle and explore. As I walked down the road I found myself even more interested in the trees that lined what used to be a farm yard. I had a fisheye lens on my infrared body and one of the reasons I like that lens so much is the way that it exaggerates near and far objects. I might have been a meter or less from the tree trunks on the left of the photo. Looking through the camera view finder changes the world around me because of the distortion and when you take the photo with infrared it further exaggerates reality.

It is in essence my reality.

Early on in your development it often helps to imitate photographs or photographers whose style you like. There is nothing wrong with that. By trying to copy that style you will in fact develop your OWN style and it is our differences that make is better.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on July 19, 2016.

3 Responses to “Creating My Reality”

  1. I can’t believe I looked up Austin powers quotes to reply with…on second thought, I liked the photo and the thoughts behind it. Also what you say about copying others for a bit and then find your own style. Well said.Stay in the groove.

  2. Jane, you have me laughing out loud re Austin Powers.

    One of the ways that I learned and continue to learn is by observing what others do and then finding my way around it.

    Thank you for the good wishes.

  3. So glad to see you back! Your work is always inspiring and interesting.

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