Barbed Wire Beautiful

Barbed Wire Beautiful

I was chatting with my online friend Deborah who hails from Austin, Texas. She had remarked on how similar Alberta and Texas were in that they both shared barbed wire fences. In Alberta we have thousands upon thousands of wire fence. It has been around for as long as I remember. In central and southern Alberta where there is more grain farming and less cattle they have no need for fences. You can drive seemingly forever and have open, unobstructed views on both sides of the road.

A little farther north where I am farmers often alternate growing crops for a few years in a field and then letting it go to pasture which means having cattle eat and fertilize it if you get my drift.

So what is a photographer to do with these fence? Not surprisingly they have been a central feature of many of my photographs over the years. I can remember many times madly driving around a fog covered landscape and watching the sun burn through the fog with the only foreground subject around being the classic three strand barbed wire fence. You work with what is presented to you. I heard a few years ago a fighter talking about how when he fought he was like water. He took the shape of whatever was presented. Photography is kind of like that for me. I never try to force a subject instead prefer working with what is at hand.

The shot at the top of this post is actually a twin to the previous blog post, Mr. Birch. If while taking the previous photo I were to turn around this is what I would see. Hey, there’s that three strand fence again!

Deborah had also mentioned in chat about the infrared photos that I have been taking lately. One of the things that I really try for when shooting infrared landscapes is to have a mix of clouds and blue sky. Those blue skies under infrared go a beautifully deep black and contrast nicely with the white clouds.

We’ve been having a nice mix of sun, clouds and rain for the past few days. I am still waiting for the huge shelf clouds that sometimes pass through here in July. So far they’ve mostly been a couple of hundred kilometers south or east of where I am and truthfully I’m getting kind of lazy chasing them. Ahh, the life of a daytime photographer. LOL

Where ever you are taking photos stop and take a second look at the things in the landscape that you try to ignore or crop out of your photos. You might be pleasantly surprised if you include them once in a while.

Barbed wire can be beautiful.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on July 15, 2016.

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