Old Friends By The Road


I was out again late this morning with hopes that the sky would cooperate with me. Alas that was not to be but it wasn’t all that bad as it turned out.

I had been watching the skies and the forecast all morning. During my regular one hour plus walk with the dog I kept glancing upwards and looking for what I call “popcorn” clouds. That is when cumulus clouds start popping all over the sky. At first there are a few popcorns above and within a couple of hours there is little blue to be seen there are so many clouds.

It wasn’t looking good the further I got out of town. To the west was a solid bank of clouds coming my way. To the east it was fairly clear with a few faint clouds.

I decided that it was not to be my day and after a few minutes on the highway decided to turn back and call it quits. There are other things for me to do around the house and yard and what the heck, it was still nice out.

Rather than return on the highway I was close to a road that I have photographed many times over the years. One side of the road is lined sparsely with a lot of poplar trees and the occasional birch. Behind the fence that runs with the trees is pasture land. Today the field was empty. There were now cows and calves to be seen.

I drove for a while homeward along the road all the while looking at some of the trees that I had photographed before and then I came upon my old friend Mr. Birch. This tree has looked lovely at -30 Celsius partly hidden by fog and covered in thick hoar frost. Today it was warm and sunny.

Pulling over I grabbed my infrared camera and quickly grabbed a few frames. Ten minutes later I was home and the sky got darker.

You can always count on old friends to be there when you need them.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on July 13, 2016.

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