Stormy Days, Sunny Days

Sunny days, stormy days.

June and July here in central Alberta are historically our wettest months.

After fears of a drought, again, the rain came and it came with a vengeance. The past few weeks have blessed us with plenty of rain and also lots of sunshine.

The weather often settles into what is a nice routine for us. When the sun comes up, it is clear and shining brightly. Throughout the day heating of the ground and the moisture in it results in clouds building early in the afternoon and by evening or nightime the deluge begins. Rain pours and pours and pours. Thunder booms and lightning illuminates the dark of the night.

By morning the storms have moved on or dissipated and the cycle starts over again. This has been happening for as long as I can remember and likely long before I was born.

By early August the cycle is broken. The days are dryer and crops in the area which grew to bursting with the rain and sun now ripen off before harvest.

It’s a great time for photos.

We had a few days where we didn’t get the sun like we usually did. It was cloudy in the morning with storm clouds hanging around from the night before. The wind started moving the clouds out showing some blue sky but of course a warming sun brought on the convection and storm clouds started building up.

On a whim I left home for an abandoned farm house about twenty minutes away. There is a large industrial area there where houses and barns have been torn down and left ready for future development.

I am always looking for interesting places to photograph and these abandoned yards are among my favorite. I can freely walk around without trespassing and the mature trees make for great backgrounds.

By the time I had arrived the sun was more behind the clouds than not. When shooting infrared landscapes I have found that having the sun shine directly on my subject is preferable to overcast days so I grabbed what I could and drove home.

This is the result. Great skies. Old clouds and new clouds and of course the sun shining on the old poplar tree helps brighten up the scene.

Stormy days, sunny days. My favorite kind of days.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on July 12, 2016.

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