Dreams and Dreaming

Dreams and Dreaming
Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake? – Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci had a point.
Sometimes the harder we try to be creative the less creative we are.
My experience with infrared landscapes has been that a fair amount of blue sky is needed in order for the photograph to be pleasing to the eye.
Not enough blue sky or completely overcast and it is time to go home. However this time for some reason I kept shooting and when I got home at first blush there wasn’t much to work with.
Over a couple of days I kept returning to the RAW and unprocessed images. There was something there but I couldn’t see it. Some of the photographs just “felt” right but when I converted them to black and white they lost whatever “it” was.
I persisted, went to Youtube and started playing a jazz mix by someone that I recently stumbled upon. Music you see, often takes me away from where I am. It frees the mind from the body. It puts me on autopilot. It is doing without thinking.
Consciously or unconsciously I played with one of the images that I liked. I tried a dozen different treatments getting closer but not getting there.
Back to the beginning I would go and try again all the while entranced by the music in an almost dreamlike state until finally this clicked for me.
All those years that I spent in school daydreaming were not in vain I guess because with practice you do get better at what you do.
Dreams and dreaming.
Happy shooting,

~ by Dan Jurak on July 10, 2016.

4 Responses to “Dreams and Dreaming”

  1. That is interesting about the clarity of dreams versus imagination. There’s something going on there for sure. I agree with you about the sky being important with infrared, especially with foliage that cuts into the sky. If the clouds are low and overlap with the tree line cutting into the sky, the ensuing white on white means the trees will not be defined, and I generally don’t like that. Better that they end up against the dark of the sky. But, we can’t dial in the conditions we want in a sky, so we go out and take our chances. On a side note, I have a location down here where I live that looks like a cousin to the one you posted in this blog–––tree on left, fence post across the frame, barn/shed off in the distance, tree line behind it. I saw yours and immediately thought of it.

  2. Hi Frank,
    Sometimes I think that it is better that we can’t dial in what we want. We don’t always know what is best.

    About the location, it is probably a universal thing across North America. There are a finite number of ways that you can plan a farm yard after all.


  3. Hi,
    Loved your work…haunting and lovely and inspiring.

  4. Thank you Kazi.


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