Going by at 100 kmh you miss alot of stuff

By The Side Of The Road

For the past few weeks I have driven by a really interesting tree by the side of hte road. It always made me do a double take. It has a unique shape quite unlike what I am used to seeing in this part of the world.

Driving along at 100 kmh or 60 mph for those of you not metricized the roundish shape always caught my eye. Little did I know or suspect that it was the back side of the tree that would be the side that I would present.

The sky wasn’t great. There was too much cloud in it I thought for infrared photography. When the sky is completely overcast, infrared photos have a foggy look to them. The contrast is reduced and the pictures just don’t have it.

So I took a chance.

After all, what was there to lose? Ten minutes at the most?

I pulled off the four lane paved highway and onto the gravel road that ran along side the fence that you see. As dozens of vehicles sped by in both directions I got out of the Rav camera in hand and proceeded to shoot.

Usually with the IR camera I leave the tripod behind and today was no different. The preview on the back of the camera is difficult to judge so I only go by “feel” that is, what looks right in through the viewfinder.

And I bracket infrared. Just as I used to do with HDR photos I set the camera to bracket five exposures. A couple over exposed, a couple under and the “correct” exposure because exposures in infrared are not consistent from day to day depending upon brightness, etc.

I shot wide, I shot tight.When I got close to the tree I was immediately drawn into the shapes of the trees trunk. I loved the curves and proceeded to blast away. Blast is the right term because it happens quickly without any thought really.

I hopped the fence and photographed the abandoned farm buildings just out of this pic and then I was gone.

Once home it was the “edit in camera” thing to cull out the overly light or dark photos. A second culling a few minutes later to remove the weaker compositions and still the tree trunk shots drew me in.

I selected the one with the best exposure, a little dark in the shadows but the highlights weren’t blown away.

RAW infrared

I processed a RAW image exactly as it comes out of the camera for you to see.

Part of the fun is in the shooting and a big part of the fun is in the processing. There was a lot of burning and dodging that went into this pic until I finally got it the way that I saw it in camera.

Some days it’s worth stopping, taking a few minutes to explore and find a new hidden treasure. This is a place that I will certainly return to when the sky looks better.

Happy shooting,




~ by Dan Jurak on July 9, 2016.

4 Responses to “Going by at 100 kmh you miss alot of stuff”

  1. Wonderful shot, Dan. The HDR/IR combination is quite impressive. I really like the detail in the grass, leaves and clouds. Great work!

  2. Thank you but I think that I could have been more clear in my writing. I took five exposures of the scene but I only used one to process. Having five different exposures allows me to choose the best exposure as cameras don’t really meter for infrared.
    Sorry for the confusion.

  3. dan, i really, REALLY like your writing … there’s always something that provokes thought in it, and there’s always something that stirs emotions in it … and, on top of it all, the picture of the tree fascinates me … thanks! p.

  4. Peter, seriously, you are too funny. I ramble. I NEVER proof read. My posts have no point. So far so good?

    Thank you for brightening my day Peter,

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