Music moves the soul…

Elm Standing Tall

It’s Sunday morning somewhere as I post this.

I stopped attending church when I was in my mid teens but Sundays have always held a special place in my heart. Some of my earliest remembrances in Sunday School were of us being in our classes as the adults had their sermon apart from us.

We did many things  in those classes and one of them makes me smile even to this day. We sang. I loved music. Even at the early age of three or four I had enough self awareness to realize that I couldn’t carry a tune if my life depended upon it.

Try as I might my little voice could never hit any notes other than the middle two or three. When the song went higher or lower my voice broke. But I loved music.

The inspiration for this blog comes as I sat at my iMac and listened to a song on Youtube. It’s called Burma Road and is performed by Greg Adams.

How it happens is a mystery to me. The music started playing and within moments my soul was in another place. Thoughts of my recently departed brother danced through my mind. It was a mix of joy, sorry, emptiness and beauty.

Music and photography for me is not about grabbing a trophy photo that will make the most popular person on the internet tomorrow. Music and photography are about taking me to another place.

I am/was a photographer in this life and have been blessed more than anyone could possibly know. How it happened. How luck has followed me around my whole life I don’t know for sure. I have often told my children that I think that I have an angel over my shoulder guiding me this way. Pushing me that way. Protecting me when I needed protection.

There is tragedy and sadness in everyones life. There’s no escaping that. But there is also great joy and happiness. Music and photography bring me more of that than I have a right to experience.

The photo above is dedicated to my little brother with whom I shared so many experiences, from growing up together to starting our families and to him finally moving onto that place where we all go., where music and photography take us.

Happy Sunday,



~ by Dan Jurak on July 2, 2016.

4 Responses to “Music moves the soul…”

  1. I experience a soft gentleness both within your image and narrative

  2. Thank you Brenda.

  3. Happy Sunday Dan

  4. Lovely blog,and I like the layers of leaves in the tree. Just curious enough to go to Youtube for a sample, something about summer brings memories of music

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