An afternoon with my daughter…

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The old feeling started to come back.

I found myself looking over my camera gear. Were my batteries charged? Were the memory cards empty? What did the skies look like?

My oldest daughter who is done for university for the year and on a day off was at home sleeping in of course because of her busy weekend. So I asked her on a whim, would you like to come out with me for a short ride in the country for photos.

Without even thinking about it she said yes but needed to freshen up a bit before leaving the house. Off to the nearest Starbucks, where she works to get her late breakfast that I didn’t understand the order because it was in Starbuck  speak.

In a few short minutes we were on the outskirts of town where some hundred year old poplars line the road. Big old trees they are and it was windy. Nice and windy.

I had an idea a few days earlier of trying long exposures with my infrared camera to get a more ethereal or dreamy look. To my surprise when I put on the ND filters my exposures were all black. No matter how long the exposure or how wide open the lens no exposure was registering. Damn! Then I realized the filters that I was using, Formatt Hitech ND filters also block infrared, a good thing when shooting color or black and white but not so good for infrared it seemed.

For my Nikon 14-24 I have a neutral density filters made by a different company, WonderPano so I put that lens on the camera body, added a WonderPano filter and with a little experimentation settled on an exposure for outside. It seems that the WonderPano filters are not as good as blocking the infrared spectrum which for my purposes worked.

As my daughter and I walked alongside the road in thigh high grass the sun beat down mercilessly on us. But we talked, nevermind the heat. It was small talk. Nothing important or earth shattering. Tell me about the new boy friend. What did you and your sister do this weekend? The little things that make up or day to day lives and it dawned on me, it was the kind of day that make up the millions of memories we have when we are old and grey. Memories to cherish. Nothing earth shattering just the closeness of a father and his daughter.

Before long I was done taking pictures and we were home. She was out of the house a little bit later to pick up her sister from work while I sit here at the computer writing about an afternoon with my daughter.

Happy shooting,




~ by Dan Jurak on June 6, 2016.

12 Responses to “An afternoon with my daughter…”

  1. Beautiful!

  2. like this photo, your take on memories is just so right
    I found myself waiting for the reason for the post – but time WAS the reason
    Happy thoughts to you and yours

  3. Thank you Stephen.

  4. Thanks Ray. There is ALWAYS a reason for the post. LOL


  5. wow!

  6. Thanks Peter. This was taken by the old Alberta Hospital. It’s amazing how different a place can look in photos.

  7. Great image Dan and such beautiful and warm thoughts.

  8. Great to have you back Dan and those memories can’t be replaced. We all need to make and take the time to spend with loved ones to share those times. ND and infrared is not for me though I still grow with you photo inspirations. Take care.

  9. Hi Bryan, memories. Memory cards? 🙂

    I guarantee that one day ND and/or infrared will pull you in.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting,

  10. Thank you Stephan.

  11. Reminds me of a story about a dad and his son, where the Dad says in retrospect that it was an ordinary day with his son , but the son raved about the one-on-one time spent with his Dad. Time well spent. My favourite times with Dad were conversations together when he drove me to school, just him and I , no interruptions. We would discuss opinions, day’s events, etc – I treasure those memories.

  12. Jane, that was beautiful. You made my day brighter.


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