She’s Got Legs

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I hadn’t realized until I looked at the date of the last photos I had taken how long it had been since I last picked up my camera.

Today we had a scorcher in central Alberta. A scorcher for us might seem mild to those in hotter climates but when you’re not used to it, it does seem very hot.

On a whim earlier today I grabbed my camera modified to shoot infrared and drove a few minutes out of town to a favorite spot of mine.

This involves parking near an old railway track and walking for about twenty minutes to get to where the trees or shrubs look interesting. At one o’clock in the afternoon the sun was beating down hard on me as I made my way down the tracks.

It seems that infrared landscapes work best when there is direct sunlight or at least that is my experience. I have tried shooting on overcast days when the light was indirect and diffuse and the resulting images looked not only flat but the same as when you fog film. Very hazy and unappealing.

So, for infrared it seems that the time of day that I would NEVER photograph color works best for the IR.

I got to the tree I had in mind and squeezed off a few frames. Shooting in infrared literally is pointing and shooting. The displayed image on the back of my camera is too poor to accurately judge what I am seeing. I bracket five exposures and when I see something I like squeeze five quick frames off to later edit out the too dark or too light pics.

As I was walking back to my vehicle I kept an eye peeled for anything that might have photographic possibilities. The farm land bordering the rail tracks had old fashioned fence posts made of rough hewn poplar it looked like. Nothing fancy here. Just strip the bark off the tree, soak it in copper sulfate to prevent it from rotting and plant it in the ground.

The posts are all different and unique looking. I photographed a bunch of them and processed this one first.

When I take photos I unconsciously am looking for shapes that will fill the frame. After so many years it isn’t something that I think about it anymore instead it is a case of seeing, reacting and moving on.

It was only after I had finished processing this image that I noticed the very feminine shape of the fence post. Do you see it too? She’s got legs this old fence post does.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on August 10, 2015.

5 Responses to “She’s Got Legs”

  1. She has great shape but also amazing texture….Nice

  2. Lovely contrasts and movement in this one. Nice!

  3. Thank you Ron.

  4. I agree Chris. There are some great looking fence posts out this way. LOL

  5. Love it!

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