Summer dreamin’ on the Alberta prairie

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For those of you who live in the central and southern states the weather we have been having the past few days is something that you’d probably chuckle about. It’s kind of like when you get freezing temps and a few inches of snow and it seems like all hell has broken loose. Roads are impassible. Power lines are down. You’re just not used to it.

That’s kind of how it’s been in central Alberta for the past few days. Today we had a high of 31 Celsius. That converts to 87 Fahrenheit. It seems unbearably hot. There was even a weather advisory warning people to keep themselves hydrated and limit their exposure outside. LOL

I know that we humans are adaptable. I worked with someone who was raised in Chile and he would talk fondly of summer days where it would reach 40 Celsius. He said that he got used to it just like we get used to it being very, very cold here in the winter time.

A few days ago I went out with two cameras. Normally I only take the one body because I find it easier for me to visualize either black and white or infrared but not both. On that day I came back with interesting photos from both cameras but the one that really caught my eye were the infrared photos.

This body is modified so that no filter is needed in front of the lens unlike a regular camera body where you need a deep red almost opaque filter. This limits the camera’s use but on the other hand it allows for some free wheeling infrared photography.

I don’t even bother with a tripod. I grab the camera, walk around and shoot what captures my eye.

The clouds were perfect on this day for infrared. Cumulus clouds were popping up all around me. White, puffy, popcorn like clouds against a cobalt blue sky which when shot infrared turn jet black.

The photograph here is of a little gravel road going into a canola field. Just over the hill and out of site is an oilfield pump house. Foliage goes white. Clouds go white. Everything else goes dark.

It is like living in a dream world. Ahh, summer on the Alberta prairie.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on June 27, 2015.

4 Responses to “Summer dreamin’ on the Alberta prairie”

  1. i am useless during the heat and i used to thrive on it-I love the popcorn clouds and gravel road. I meant to comment on the church and clouds from the other day but erased it-really liked that one the best.

  2. Jane, we certainly don’t get enough of the hot weather to acclimatize to it do we? The church is one of my favorites. I didn’t think that it would turn out the way that it did when I saw the color version. Still learning I guess. LOL


  3. love the deep dark look of your sky with soft fluffy clouds

  4. Thank you Seonaid.


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