I Am Always Surprised

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I just got back an hour ago from an afternoon drive in central Alberta. The forecast early this morning was for sunny and clear skies until noon at which time the clouds were to build up into possibly afternoon thunderstorms.

By noon there were a steady stream of clouds seemingly popping out of nothingness into the dark blue sky. It was time to head out.

I had a few places in mind the first of which was a long abandoned farmstead. That was a forty-five minute drive from home. I took a few long exposure photographs and then grabbed my camera body which was modified to photograph the infrared and walked around the building taking what I would call snapshots.

From here I knew of an old Ukrainian church that was close by. I was hoping to do some more long exposure photos which of course I did. While I was waiting for one of the exposures to finish (they were all six minutes long) I grabbed the infrared camera and stood on a nearby bridge which straddled an almost stagnant creek trickling into a slough. Because it was so bright out and the display of the RAW image is a bright pink I never bothered to see what I had waiting instead to edit when I got home.

I continued doing this until my long exposures were done and then took a roundabout drive home hoping to find and photograph anything that caught my eye.

This was one of those special afternoons. Although I was eighty or so kilometers from Edmonton it seemed like I was a million miles away. Watching the puffy clouds cross the sky. Seeing a solitary deer step out of the cover of poplar trees into a nearby field and cautiously grazing. The cares and worries of everyday life evaporated away.

Life at times can be so wonderful. Nature so incredibly powerful to take you far, far away.

I am always surprised.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on June 24, 2015.

2 Responses to “I Am Always Surprised”

  1. It’s so otherworldly! Very nice work!

  2. Thank you artathand. Infrared is always full of surprises.


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