Giants of the Prairie

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Storms have a fascinating effect on people. In some they instill fear. In others a sense of awe.

Few things are more impressive first hand than hearing, feeling and seeing a giant swirl of thunder, lightning and rain roaring your way. Do I hop in my vehicle and high tail it for cover or do I try to capture a little of what is in front of me?

Alberta had their first big storms that I am aware of yesterday afternoon. It is still too dry and cool for the prairie giants to awaken from their sleep but they will come.

Where I live, in Edmonton we are on the periphery of the major storm activity. It seems that a couple of hundred kilometers south of us is where the storms gain their power, absorbing moisture heat over the Alberta foothills. They then either fizzle out or build into these huge monstrosities that have been capture so very well by Pat Boomer of central Alberta.

His blog has been a little quiet. It has been wintery kind of and the storms are not yet upon us. Give him a few weeks or go through his archives to see some incredible weather images. They are works of art.

Pats blog is Give it a visit.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on June 1, 2015.

5 Responses to “Giants of the Prairie”

  1. I think with me it would be fear and awe and wonder! Regards Thom.

  2. Thom, I am with you. Impressive but scary nonetheless.

  3. As a kid I was terrified ofthunder but the fascination drws me to look now. No pun intended on the photo and the name of the photographer.

  4. Stunning!

  5. Thank you Iosatel.

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