Dan Jurak, long exposure, black and white, fine art, landscape, prairie, clouds, stormy, dark,

Forever nameless
Forever unknown
Forever unconceived
Forever unrepresented
yet forever felt in the soul.

– D.H. Lawrence (Belief)

I went for a short ride in the country this morning after I dropped off one of my kids for university. I didn’t go for very long or very far before I stopped the dusty Rav4 and looked out at the horizon.

This is a new way of seeing for me. It’s a challenge. It’s new. It’s exciting.

I think I now know why I neglected my camera so often in the past year. I was bored. I needed a new reason to get out and start seeing all over again in a new way.

The accompanying words by D.H. Lawrence in a way reflect how I feel about this place. People drive by it everyday. It’s unremarkable and quickly forgotten but it somehow pulled me into the moment never to be forgotten.

This for me is new. I hope you find it a pleasant change from the usual.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on October 21, 2014.

14 Responses to “Belief”

  1. Very cool….it’s soothing somehow

  2. @ Seonaid, thank you. Soothing? Maybe because it is dark and soft with nothing to shock the eye?

    As always thank you for visiting and commenting,

  3. This one stopped me in my tracks.

  4. @ Sharon, thank you. I hope that is a good thing? šŸ™‚

    Thank you for visiting and commenting,

  5. Hello Dan, I love your new approach and the words who translate your feeling. I like the idea of going to an ordinary place – that nobody see interesting – and transform it in a beautiful scenery, it’s a real challenge. You master it perfectly!

  6. Hi Anne, and thank you. I have always believed that there is beauty all around us. We only need to stop, close our eyes for a moment and open them to reveal what has always been there. About the mastery, you are too kind. I am taking baby steps right now trying to find my way around the visualization and processing. That is the exciting part!

    Thank you as always for visiting and commenting,

  7. The words of D.H.Lawrence fit your image extremely well, Dan. I
    also believe that there is beauty in everything if only we have eyes to see it. Your image brings to mind far-away and unknown places but it’s really just a new vision of a familiar place.

  8. @ Terry, you hit the nail squarely on the head. It’s a different way of looking at the familiar and seeing the true beauty that surrounds.


  9. A beautiful pairing of thoughts and image Dan. I look forward to what is unfolding here.

  10. @ Colleen, thank you. I hope to not disappoint.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting,

  11. Hi Dan –

    Sounds like an exciting time for you, to be trying new things, and I know all your old blog friends are enjoying seeing you out and about again!

    I must say that so many of your photos in the past of, say, foggy mornings and the sun coming up, were seen (by me, at least) as very full of emotion and mystery. I think sometimes we are revealing aspects of ourselves we are not even aware of consciously yet when we photograph (or speak, or write a letter, etc). It’s hard for me to believe you were seeing only the surface visuals in so many ethereal and beautiful pictures. And the emotional can also easily be contained within the not-so-ethereal, as sometimes our insight and vision is crystalline and sharp-edged and is rightly shown as such.

    Just yesterday I was in a used bookshop and found a book called “Right Brain Left Brain Photography” by Kathryn Marx, which is the type of thing I look for in photo books, rather just how-to or a collection of “nice” (or strange!) photos. I’ve also enjoyed the couple of books about the “zen” of photography, etc. Following our inner impulses and poking at our own mysteries and musings can make for haunting images. I applaud your new spirit and look forward to more photos/words to come!

    – Marke

  12. @ Marke, I think that you are right in saying that we are revealing something of ourselves in what we do, photos, writing, etc. Creativity is connecting with a part of yourself that is almost spiritual. Or maybe it is spiritual? It’s not something that I ever gave much thought. It just seems to happen with very little conscious effort.

    Right Brain Left Brain Photography or zen is kind of deep for me. I applaud you for exploring something that had never occurred to me after all of these years.

    Without being religious or trying not to sound pretentious creativity DOES connect oneself to a very special place. I don’t know what that is or where it is but it feels great!

    Thank you for your insight and visits,

  13. I rather like this new direction of yours, Dan. I agree with the notion that we need to keep challenging ourselves, trying out new ideas, and learning. i’ve been leaning toward more ‘minimalistic’ images myself, so i’ll be intrigued to see where you take this!

  14. @ Steve, thank you. Good luck with the minimalist challenge. You can only grow creatively by trying out new things.

    I read a book about photography a few weeks ago and what the author suggested started to make sense about visualizing your final image and “drawing” it. By that I mean that the original RAW image out of the camera only barely resembles the final product. The margins of my school books were filled with doodles which oddly enough resemble these early photos. It’s kind of funny really. Something that I did naturally as a bored kid has come full circle to change my photography.

    BTW, I will always shoot color but probably won’t be posting anything here. Color and black and white don’t exclude one from the other.

    Take care,

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