Impossible Dreamer

Impossible Dreamer

“In the darkest part of the night
Blue shadows conjure you
And in the brightest height of
the daylight
Sometimes I blink ’cause
I think I see you
Dreaming like you do”

– Lyrics by Joni Mitchell

I have only just started on this journey of my dreams.

Be my companion as I stumble and fumble along while trying to find my way through the light and dark places of my imagination.

Happy shooting,



~ by Dan Jurak on October 16, 2014.

16 Responses to “Impossible Dreamer”

  1. Now that is way cool. And you’re back huh!!!

  2. @ Derrick, thank you. This is only the beginning!

    It’s gonna be an interesting ride. More about the imagination and seeing what could be rather than what is.

    Thank you as always for your comments,


  3. Great word imagery from Joni Mitchell and an equally great visual image for you. I look forward to sharing your journey.

  4. Sorry for the typo! Should be “equally great visual image FROM you”.

  5. @ Terry, np with the typo. U must be following my lead there. LOL

    I never saw photographs as an avenue for expression before, at least not consciously.

    The way I see it, my golden years are here and it is a time for exploration, of all sorts.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting, typos welcome too,

  6. OMG Dan the first word that came to mind was “stunning”
    You’ve got my attention !!!!!!! Wow

  7. @ Ray, thank you so much. It’s a slow but steady uphill climb. I am looking forward to the view.


  8. Happy trails Dan, I will still keep an eye out for that Rav
    Elk Island Bryan

  9. @ Bryan, thank you. Wave at me if we ever cross paths.

  10. Wonderful post, the image is perfect for you dreamy words

  11. Thank you for the kind words. After being involved in photography and design for over thirty years I am starting to see my photographs differently. I read something a few days ago about art being able to take the viewer into a different place and feeling. That is what makes this new direction exciting for me.

    Thank you for following and commenting,

  12. Great image, really made me stop and take notice.very fitting with the lyrics. i look forward to more.

  13. The light is just amazing and the words give the picture more of deep! Lovely! Have a nice day! Yvonne

  14. My pleasure, you create such lovely posts…

  15. @ Jane, thank you so much.


  16. @ Yvonne, thank you very much. The light in Sweden has to be wonderful this time of year and only becoming better every day with the lessening daylight. Enjoy the great light!


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