When not shooting landscapes…

Photography is what I write about but it’s a very small part of my life. Right now photography is more about personal enjoyment, recording my travels and ideas and creating memories.

My daughters and I spent a bit of father/daughter time at a local lake. Oh yeah, there was another man there too. Cooper.

Cooper’s a lean, muscular bon vivant who can make a party anywhere he goes and today was no exception. I’m never jealous of Cooper even though I know that my daughters love him and enjoy being with him every chance they can.

Cooper isn’t my son-in-law or one of the girls boyfriends. Coop as he’s called around the house is our Weimeraner. At a year and a half old he’s still more puppy than adult and today he showed why. This guy was practically bouncing out of the water. He loves life so much and shows it. You know how you see young, newborn horses springing and bouncing around the tall grass, Coop is like that almost all the time. I swear there are times when he’s burning around our yard that he’s going so fast, if he hit a tree, he’d break a bone. He even sounds like a horse when he’s putting everything he has in it.

Oh to be so young again. The will is there but the body doesn’t respond like it used to.

The photos that I took today were the photos that years from now we can look back at fondly and remember the wonderful time at the lake. So carefree, so unemcumbered and without worries.

Life is more than taking photos or earning a living. I know that all too well from having lost my father when I was seven years old not to take loved ones for granted. Give your kids a hug today. Have a great weekend!

Happy shooting,


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~ by Dan Jurak on August 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “When not shooting landscapes…”

  1. Your description of your pup (he loves life so much and shows it) actually reminds me of the energy my daughter faces life with every day! Great shot!

  2. Great words, Dan. My (quickly) growing boys were the reason I bought a camera in the first place, and I always keep one handy when they’re around.

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