Just a hint of autumn…

As I write this on Wednesday evening, the sounds of thunder rumble through the house accompanied by brilliant flashes of lightning. I’m not going to go out in the rain tonight for anymore pics. Wednesday morning was super!

As I wrote in a previous post, the morning was full of variety. Often times, I’ll get a few keepers and head home. This was an exceptional morning not only the volume but the variety. Half way through the morning, I looked over my shoulder to see the sun peeking through the fog.

The sun was catching the tips of ripe heads of barley. Autumn? Hardly. It’s just the first week of August. The canola crops have all lost their blossoms and the fields of wheat are ripening. The next two weeks will be great for autumn looking photos. Funny isn’t it? We associate harvest with September up here but lots of the crops “look” ripe early in August.

Now I can start populating the Autumn gallery of my website. LOL

Happy shooting,


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~ by Dan Jurak on August 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “Just a hint of autumn…”

  1. Love the softness of this, the texture of the barley field. Just beautiful.

  2. Beautiful soft tones!

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