Master printer… master photographer… mastur… wha?

night sky, aurora, Alberta, stars, Dan Jurak, landscape, I want to know how to get on the committee that proclaims photographers master printers or master photographers or well, no need to go any further.

I know that the PPOC, Professional Photographers of Canada have some kind process where if you paint within the lines you are deemed a master something or other. In a way it’s not a bad thing. Customers at least have some sort of assurance, I think, that they aren’t paying a total ninkompoop to take their photos for them.

For almost every profession, doctor, lawyer, teacher, music teacher, they need to pass some kind of accredited course to be recognized.

I am lucky that I can call myself a MASTER LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER in Alberta. Sounds impressive doesn’t it? The only drawback is that anyone else here in Alberta can call themselves the same thing even if they don’t have a camera.

I’m not impressed with titles and neither should you. If you see a photographer with a title here in Canada unless it’s from the PPOC, take it with a giant grain of salt. Enough of that.

I am learning something new everyday. I hope to never stop learning.

Sometimes it’s learning something that knew before but had forgotten like what I am about to describe.

Today is about having an open mind when you are seeing your surroundings. Always have a look over your shoulder to see if maybe that looks better than what you originally thought.

There is an old saying about the best picture being the one behind you and sometimes it is. I have a rough idea of what I want to photograph when shooting landscapes. I am always looking for shapes and colors that interest me. Having said that I might be looking into the sun or in the case of the photo above I was focused on the aurora to the north and east of me. So, when I stopped on this tree lined country road I was looking north. I took a few pictures and then when I head back to the vehicle I was pointed south. Hmmm? That looks interesting I thought.

The bright city lights of Edmonton were illuminating the horizon. The aurora were so strong that they were even in the southern sky. You can see them faintly in the photo.

I ended up liking this view better than the one that I stopped for. Remember, always turn around at least once. Especially when it’s dark out and you’re all alone in the middle of nowhere. Muhahahahaahha. LOL

Happy shooting,

Dan aka Master Landscape Photographer emeritus, BSc, PhD, MBa, etc, etc. etc.

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~ by Dan Jurak on November 15, 2013.

4 Responses to “Master printer… master photographer… mastur… wha?”

  1. Haha that was a good read.

  2. LOL, come on Abe, I am expecting to at least offend someone. ;)

  3. It’s always best to look behind you, especially if you photograph in the middle of the road at night! Stop for the Master Photographer!!


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