No Sun? No Problem

The days are so much shorter now than a few weeks ago. Less sunlight doesn’t mean less photography.

One of the benefits of short days at higher latitudes is that the sun hovers close to the horizon for a longer time. For me that translates to more good light.

winter, snow, Alberta, Dan Jurak,

I remember a few wonderful mornings a couple of years ago where I kept taking photos until almost noon. The combination of ice fog and a low sun made for perfect conditions. Thank goodness for large memory cards. :)

There is a time of day before the sun rises that is equally sweet. It’s light enough to reveal parts of the landscape and at the same time hide parts. Compare that to the middle of the day when the sun reveals everything. What shadows there are hold little to no detail and are tight to the subject.

The photo above was taken half an hour before sunrise. What can present a problem at that time of the day is the color of the light. It is very cyanish, ie, blue/green with a shift more towards blue. There was a little bit of warms from the sun that was just barely visible in the RAW image. So why is the sky such a brilliant magenta? It didn’t look that when when I snapped the shot. The color is a result of something that I have written many times before about, color matching.

Color matching is one of my favorite tools for changing colors in the landscape closer to what I visualize and not what the eye or camera sees.

For me the final image is not so much about what the scene actually looked like. It’s about how I envision the landscape before me.

Happy shooting,


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~ by Dan Jurak on November 9, 2013.

6 Responses to “No Sun? No Problem”

  1. Beautiful Dan, I love this in between light :-)

  2. Beautiful!

  3. I’ll go along with the others, this is beautiful.

  4. Thank you Monte.

  5. Thank you Sukanya.

  6. Thank you. The best kind of light I think.

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