With every minute and every hour fall approaches

Canola on the hill

The past few days I’ve noticed a change in how the days feel. The days are shorter. No longer is the northern horizon a light blue near midnight. I have seen the sun rise without setting my alarm.

The hops in the back yard have stopped growing and are starting to seed. A few American Elm trees have the odd yellow leave mixed in amongst the green. Our cotoneaster hedge has the occasional red/orange leaf. The oak tree next to the greenhouse is shedding it’s immature acorns making the grass prickly in bare feet.

In the country the bloom is falling from the canola. Wheat, barley and oat crops are ripening to gold. Crows are leaving their nests with the young of the year to join larger flocks before migrating south.

Fall is in the air.

Next to winter autumn is my favorite season. Most of what I shoot during the year are during these two seasons. Crisp air. Brilliant sunrises and sunsets.

It’s getting close and I couldn’t be happier.

Happy shooting,


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~ by Dan Jurak on August 8, 2013.

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